Irish Whiskey Awards 2016

Tullamore Distillery c/othewhiskeynut

An added bonus at the Irish Whiskey Awards 2016 was being shown round the new Tullamore Distillery.

Tullamore Warehouse c/othewhiskeynut

Barrels aplenty quietly maturing in the warehouses.

Tullamore Distillery c/othewhiskeynut

The spotless condition of the production floor.

And a glass of Phoenix Whiskey straight from cask.

DSCF6287  email
Tullamore Phoenix c/othewhiskeynut

Phoenix – a mythical bird that rose from the flames of;

a) The early 20th Century crash of Irish Whiskey Distilling and it’s subsequent rebirth today.

b) The closure of the original Tullamore Distillery in 1954 and it’s glorious new awakening in 2014.


c) The 1785 hot air balloon disaster that burnt half of Tullamore down after the balloon allegedly hit a distillery chimney.

You could say that for option c) – it was a bit of a Hot Ride!


Good Logo

PS  – A bonus prize for naming all the whiskey celebs under the Phoenix!


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