Prizefight Whiskey delivers first punch for Irish Rye.

I may still be waiting a few years for the fields of rye currently enjoying the sunny autumnal weather around Enniscorthy to eventually end up in an Irish whiskey.

But rye from a different source HAS made it into an Irish whiskey.

Prizefight Whiskey have released a blend including grain & 10 year old malt finished in american rye barrels to land the first punch in the Irish race for rye.

I excitedly came across it at the Dublin Whiskey Live 2016 event.

The result is lovely.

That beautiful rye spicy note I so love comes through surprisingly strong in this expression simply from the 6 months maturation without any rye grain used in the original Irish distillation.

The expression is a collaboration of West Cork Distillers in Skibbereen and Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire and is on sale now.

It would be my standout whiskey from Whiskey Live this year.


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