Scots Club Blended Scotch Whisky 40%

St Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland.

November 30th is St Andrew’s Day and Scotland’s National Day.

Some say that the Scots are known for their meanness.

There are even suggestions that for an extra tuppence in the pocket they rejected independence from the UK to stay with The Queen.

Now Brexit has reared it’s head – that tuppence may have been better spent on a bottle of Scots Club Whisky.

At only 16 euro and hailing from a postcode – G2 5RG – identical to that of Jura, Dalmore and other renowned Richard Paterson whiskies – who could resist?

Common whisky address c/othewhiskeynut

Surprisingly smooth, softly sweet & grainy there is not much going on in this non-peated blend, but at that price? I’ve paid more for worse.

A rather apt whisky to celebrate St Andrew’s Day – and the continued struggle for independence.


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5 thoughts on “Scots Club Blended Scotch Whisky 40%”

  1. Got a bottle of this just to make hot whiskeys & whiskey cocktails with, tried a glass straight the other night and was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it was! Half a teaspoon of water makes it a pretty nice experience!

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  2. The majority of us Scots DON’T want to be independent from the UK. 55-45% chose to stay. Hence why we are still part of it. Don’t fan the flames when you have no idea what will go up in smoke. Oh yes… Scots Club is about the cheapest supermarket whisky available, but it isn’t the worst.

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