Bruichladdich Octomore 10 Year Old, 2016 2nd Ltd Release, Single Malt, 57.3%

Octomore is my kind of whisky.

Big, bad, peaty & powerful.

And like the Steve Aoki song – I felt The Power Of Now.

At 57.3% it fills the mouth with an explosion of smoke sparked off by some surprisingly sweet notes & tasty flavours.

At first I suspected added caramel but no! Bruichladdich are emphatically against such practices. All the flavour results from the maturation in wooden barrels – in this instance ex-bourbon & French wine casks – hence the sweet notes to start with contrasting beautifully with the powerful – 167ppm – peat hit later into the fabulous tasting experience.

A stupendous dram!

Not all my fellow Whisky Birmingham attendees agreed.

DSCF0228 email
Port Charlotte 10, 2nd Edition c/othewhiskeynut

One preferred the Port Charlotte 10 Year Old 2nd Ltd Edition at only 50% & 40ppm. which I must admit I found harsher than the Octomore.

We agreed to differ on our findings,

DSCF0225 email
Sláinte! c/othewhiskeynut

But united on our love of whisky!


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3 thoughts on “Bruichladdich Octomore 10 Year Old, 2016 2nd Ltd Release, Single Malt, 57.3%”

    1. Do you seriously think they’d add it to whiskey so much if it was bitter & nasty?
      Get a bottle of caramel from any baking shop – put a tiny amount into a glass of water & see what results you get.
      Interesting to say the least.
      Makes clear water look like a well aged single malt.
      Not surprisingly adds a rich creamy caramel taste to the water & gives it some body too.
      Now water isn’t whiskey – so there is no direct comparison – but it’s added to change the whiskey certainly for colour – and I’d argue there is a slight taste change too.
      I’d rather it wasn’t in the whiskey I’m drinking – and if it is – I want to be told so on the bottle.
      I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

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