Irish Whiskey – Which Way Forward?

Writing a blog about the future of Irish Whiskey with a headline photo of a trio of Scottish Single Malts released by the supermarket chain Lidl may seem a little askew – but it highlights an issue pertinent to the current Irish Whiskey industry.

Imagine I’m a supermarket chain of similar standing.

I want some Irish Whiskey.

Perhaps a single pot still, a single malt & a single grain to show off what Ireland has to offer.

I have the branding ready to go.

I have the bottling plant primed.

I have the customers.

Can Irish Whiskey deliver – like yesterday – to capitalise on the Scottish release?

Thoughts welcome.


Good Logo


5 thoughts on “Irish Whiskey – Which Way Forward?”

    1. The rich peaty taste of Islay whisky is seen by many as the pinnacle of Scottish distillation.
      Single pot still would be the Irish equivalent.
      If a team is going to be fielded the best player should be included.


      1. Oh, believe me, my friend, I am all for pot still. Just saying that so far what I am seeing here in terms of private-label Irish is single-malt, grain, or blends.


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