Great Oaks Irish Whiskey, Blend, 46%

As I write this Ireland is effectively in lockdown covered in a great blanket of snow from the #BeastFromTheEast & awaiting the blizzard of Storm Emma.

In response I’m sitting indoors enjoying a #WarmthFromTheWest whiskey by the name of Great Oaks.

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Great Oaks c/othewhiskeynut

This whiskey seems to be off the radar for most – which is a pity – as it’s the perfect antidote to keep Storm Emma at bay.

I’ve only come across it in Dunnes stores – yet it’s a product of West Cork Distillers.  The label isn’t particularly attractive. Rather plain & unassuming – but for me – it’s the contents that count.

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#WarmthFromTheWest c/othewhiskeynut

There’s a rich inviting nose of vanilla & caramel – with a hint of oakiness – the usual notes expected of bourbon cask maturation coupled with charred cask finishing.

In the mouth it’s soft, approachable, very bourbony and above all, lovely & warming. The oak influence adds a degree of spiciness too. Very nice.

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Detail c/othewhiskeynut

A lovely dry prickly finish rounds off this comforting little blend.

Bottled at 46%, non chill filtered, no age statement & possibly without added caramel. I’d suggest this was all West Cork’s distillate. It has the same DNA as their Black Cask bottling which at only 40% doesn’t pack as much flavour or heat.

With snow all around – heat is exactly what I’m looking for and Great Oaks certainly delivers that in a delightfully enjoyable way.

Keep yourself warm with a bottle from the West!


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