Ransom The Emerald, Pot Still Whiskey, 43.8%

There was a surprise winner for The World’s Best Pot Still Whiskey at the recent World Whiskies Awards 2018.

It wasn’t Irish!

Pot Still is a term used to denote the use of malted and unmalted barley in the mash – which is usually an Irish whiskey speciality.

However here was an American interpretation of a pot still. Or was it?

I was fortunate enough to have come across this whiskey at the Irish Whiskey Awards 2016.

Having tasted this fine offering – I’m not surprised by the award & heartily cheer it’s success.

From a blog of mine back in October 2016 entitled ‘Irish Rye‘ these were my thoughts.

The Emerald release from Ransom Spirits of Oregon was far more approachable however and much more pertinent to the Irish Whiskey brand.

Made using barley, oats and rye to an 1865 Irish Whiskey recipe uncovered by some research this stunning whiskey is satisfyingly smooth yet rich in mouthfeel coupled with a delightfully long rye spice finish.

Emerald to me have captured the PAST of Irish Whiskey in a bottle of the PRESENT.

When you know Brian Nation and his colleagues are poring over old Jameson recipes from the early 1800’s that included rye and oats – as well as currently growing rye in the fields around Enniscorthy – then couldn’t this be a representation of the FUTURE of Irish Whiskey?

I certainly hope so!

It’s innovative.

It’s traditional,

And it’s out now.


I followed it up in December with The Emerald making ‘My Top 3 Whiskey Events 2016‘ blog.

Later in the evening some whiskey friends from America were sharing a bottle of Emerald American Whiskey.

The Emerald c/othewhiskeynut

Well I say American Whiskey as that’s where it was produced and matured.

But the recipe is based on an 1865 Irish Whiskey recorded for posterity by a British excise agent and includes both malted and unmalted barley along with some oats & rye.

It tasted divine.

Nice to see the World Whiskies Awards 18 pick up on a winner of mine from 2016.


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