L for Luxembourg Whisky

World Whisky Day is fast approaching on Saturday the 19th May 2018.

As part of the build up I’m featuring a series of blogs – both old and new – over the next month focusing on a country from each letter of the alphabet – if possible – that makes whisky.

Today is L for Luxembourg Whisky.

I did visit Luxembourg – once – and missed a trick.

You see it has one of the lowest alcohol tax rates in Europe – and I’d already bought my baggage allowance worth of whisky in neighbouring Germany.

So here I am – visiting the highest point in Luxembourg (a nondescript little spot by the name of Kneiff at 560m, at least Buurgplaatz has a landmark building at 559m) – when I pop into a local garage for supplies.

2 (1 of 1)
Buurgplaatz c/othewhiskeynut

Low and behold – a wide variety of European whiskies at affordable prices!

And then I find out Luxembourg has a farm based whisky distillery!

Not only that – they distill rye!

Luxembourg Rye c/oDiedenacker

How did I miss that?


Good Logo

Header image courtesy of thetravellingstomach blog.



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