P For Pakistani Whisky

World Whisky Day is fast approaching on Saturday the 19th May 2018.

As part of the build up I’m featuring a series of blogs – both old and new – over the next month focusing on a country from each letter of the alphabet – if possible – that makes whisky.

Today is P for Pakistani Whisky.

Established in 1860 to mainly cater for the British troops stationed in the area, Murree Brewery also expanded into distilling.

It is now the longest standing business in Pakistan which you can read about here. Despite being mainly a Muslim country that prohibits alcohol consumption Murree are allowed to sell to non-Muslims and foreigners.

An interesting article here highlights some of the issues.

They have a range of beers as well as selected whiskies, gins & vodka.

Murree whisky
Millennium Reserve c/oMureeBrewery


I can’t vouch for availability outside of Pakistan.

But a decent age statement at 43% is worthy of a try.


Good Logo



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