U For Uruguayan Whisky

World Whisky Day is fast approaching on Saturday the 19th May 2018.

As part of the build up I’m featuring a series of blogs – both old and new – over the next month focusing on a country from each letter of the alphabet – if possible – that makes whisky.

Today is U for Uruguay.

Uruguay produces a number of whiskies.

They generally follow a well worn trend of importing Scotch whisky in bulk – blending it with locally produced spirits – then releasing it under local labels for the domestic market.

Mac Pay Whisky c/oCabaS.A.

India has taken this to great success with Officer’s Choice being the biggest selling whisky brand in the world. So it’s an attractive model to follow. It’s often familiar names that are behind these products too – Diageo & Pernod Ricard are a couple of the players in this field.

Uruguay has taken it a step further however. They have produced their own whisky – or Whiskies Nacionales in the brochure.

Whiskies Nacionales c/oCabaS.A.

The one I’d like to try is Whisky Añejo.

Añejo basically translates as old, aged or vintage.

Ageing in wooden casks is what really separates whisky from other distilled spirits. It adds that golden colour – unless e150 caramel has been used – as well as giving a healthy dose of fabulous flavours due to the interaction of the wood with the liquid.

Quite how long Whisky Añejo has been aged is not stated – but for the name alone – I’d gladly try it out.

Is anyone going to Uruguay for their holidays?


Good Logo


My thanks to From Alaska To Brazil for the header image.

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