Transparency And Whiskey

Transparency is a bit of a buzz word in whiskey circles these days.

Everyone says they are in favour of it.

I’m not convinced.

It makes no difference what is or isn’t written on the label – it’s the contents that count.

You can have a whiskey that tells you everything you’d like to know; who made it, how it was distilled, barley variety used, cut points and so on – yet it just might not suit your palate.

Conversely you can have a bottle that simply states ‘Whiskey’ – and tastes fabulous.

Obviously knowing why one whiskey tastes better than the other can only be determined by some of the information given in the first example – but if it’s not provided – does that colour your tasting experience?

However – there is a different style of transparency raising it’s head now.  It’s called the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015 – in Ireland anyway – which is currently being discussed in the Dáil. Read more here.

What it effectively means is clear and unambiguous labelling outlining the health dangers of alcohol consumption on every bottle.

Health Bill
As taken from the amended Bill available here.

If this blog is deemed as ‘advertising’ then it too will also have to carry a health warning.

That’s pretty clear and transparent isn’t it?

Having said that – the great tasting whiskey you had last week will still be great – whatever has to be printed on the label.

I wonder which type of transparency has most chance of making it into law?


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