Dingle Single Malt, Batch 2, 46.5%

I stumbled on a little bit of whiskey joy recently.

After an early evening walk in the sunny autumnal weather Mrs Whiskey suggested a meal in the local bar – only to find it fully booked.

So another establishment was found.

An establishment that happened to have a bottle of Dingle Whiskey on the shelf.

It would be rude not to have a glass!

Spirity & powerful on the nose – yet containing some rich notes of dark fruits.

Very fresh on the taste – this is a young malt – an explosion of flavours filled the palate.

The dark fruity notes & vanilla from the bourbon cask maturation gently faded away with a soft prickly tingling.

I thought it came over a lot stronger than it’s 46.5% strength – and in the dimly lit bar area it wasn’t until I enlarged the photo that I discovered it was a Batch 2 Single Malt.

I think I’ll be returning to this establishment for further refreshments!

Good Logo

2 thoughts on “Dingle Single Malt, Batch 2, 46.5%”

    1. Funny you mention that.
      I didn’t want to make it too obvious – but the bar name and village is contained on the page.
      If anyone cares to join me for a glass or two I’d be more than happy to accommodate that request.


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