Adventures into Rum, North London, Feb 2020

I usually scan the shelves of any bar I enter – The Mossy Well in Muswell Hill in this instance – to see what whiskies are available. If there’s nothing to entice me – I move onto rum.

Lamb’s Navy Rum caught my eye.

Lambs Rum
Lamb’s c/othewhiskyexchange

A brand proudly proclaiming it’s British heritage – not normally found in Ireland. Featuring up to 18 individual rums from the Caribbean – this blended dark rum was muted on the nose. Sweet caramel & heavy funk. The taste was smooth – but not exactly exciting. The treacly funk came through on the finish – with a little woody spice.

Entry level stuff.

Captain Morgan’s Dark Rum came next.

Captain Morgan’s Dark Rum c/othewhiskyexchange

A similar affair. Perhaps slightly smoother. Less pronounced – with a heavier dose of sweet caramel.

Neither engaged me.

Later the same evening a meal in Banner’s was arranged.

Along with the great food – curried goat if yer asking – I thought an Appleton White Rum would keep the theme going.

Appleton white
Appleton White c/othewhiskyexchange

Fruity sweet, slightly oily, yet possessing an attractive vegetal funkiness. Much more pleasing to my palate!

This was followed by afters in the nearby Harringay Arms. Another Appleton graced my glass. Their Signature Blend.

Appleton Blend
Signature Blend c/othewhiskyexchange

An easy going dark rum this time. None of that ‘burnt rubber’ experienced elsewhere. A captivating funkiness with a hint  of woody spice entertained.

From these brief encounters I’m already honing down my preferences.

Contrary to the ‘aged is better’ mantra of whiskey circles – it’s becoming clear the young white rums posses an array of flavours in their clean, clear spirit that’s reeling me in.


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