A Trio Of Rums, Dictador XO Insolent, El Dorado 12, Abuelo 12, 40%

Well travel may be curtailed with COVID – but that doesn’t stop me from sampling the delights of Colombia, Guyana & Panama with these 3 rum miniatures!

Dictador c/othewhiskeynut

Dictador XO Insolent, 40%, Colombia

The bottle is certainly attractive!

Very sweet fruit cake on the nose. Bit empty on the palate. Sweet but ultimately bland on the finish.

The nose promised much more – but sadly didn’t deliver for me.

El Dorado c/othewhiskeynut

El Dorado 12 Year Old, 40%, Guyana

What a contrast – nuttiness on the nose!

A gentle sweet & smooth palate that came to life on the finish. More of that nuttiness, touch of spicy tannic oak, good depth & flavour with a nice tingling dryness too.

Much more my style!

Abuelo c/othewhiskeynut

Ron Abuelo 12 Year Old, 40%, Panama

Sweet dark fruits on the nose.

Again – this rum came alive on the finish. A bit more bite from this one, the nuttiness more subdued, more whiskey like in the drinking experience.

A lovely sipper!

A trio of rums! c/othewhiskeynut


Sad to say Dictador fell flat for me – more style over substance with the fancy bottle.

Both El Dorado & Abuelo impressed.

El Dorado won out by displaying more rum like characteristics.

A very enjoyable miniature tasting!



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