Cachaca 51, 40%

Trying to find Cachaça in Ireland is pretty difficult.

The category is very thin on the ground – so I purchased one of the biggest sellers – Cachaça 51.

Brazil’s biggest selling Cachaca c/othewhiskeynut

It’s a clear colourless spirit that should display the raw ingredients used in distillation – sugarcane juice – as it’s unaged.

Bit of grassiness, bit of youthfulness, some of that sweet & sour new make kind of thing going on.

Easy on the palate. Very mild mannered.

51 c/othewhiskeynut

Rather short on the finish – but a touch of welcome warming reminds you this is strong spirit.

What flavours there are seem to be strongest on the nose.

A gentle inoffensive spirit rather devoid of any strong flavours – that would put some people off – making it an ideal base for cocktails.

Especially the Caipirinha – whose recipe features on the back label.

Cocktail culture c/othewhiskeynut

Just enough character to keep it entertaining.



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