Púca Irish Whiskey, 40%, Blend

Púca in Irish mythology are mischievous spirits that appear in a variety of disguises – often horses – & can shape shift to confuse their quarry.

Púca Irish Whiskey c/o@WhiskeyPundit

Whiskey is also a bit of a shape shifter.

Starting off as raw grains – barley & corn in this instance – grown in fields. Adding water & yeast, brewing, distilling & maturing. The solid grains are transformed into an aromatic brown alcoholic liquid.

The aromas emanating from Púca Irish Whiskey were particularly attractive.

Reflecting both the raw ingredients – a fresh sweet lightness from the corn – plus the cask influence – a lovely rich rummy nose full of dark caramels from the ex-rum & stout barrels used.

Last one on the shelf! c/othewhiskeynut

The palate is silky smooth with a wholesome mouthfeel. A touch of spice breaking through. The peppery spice slowly grows in strength giving a gorgeously prickly experience to the long lasting finish.

A lively & characterful blend!

There’s another similarity with the elusive púca spirits.

Aldi ad c/oAldi

Despite being available in Aldi for the excellent price of €25 – Púca Irish Whiskey didn’t appear on the date advertised. By the time I was informed they’d arrived – none were left on the shelves!

Luckily a sample swap was procured!

If you’re after Púca Irish Whiskey you’d better be quick – it’s a joyous encounter when you do!


Headline image courtesy Blackwater Distillery


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