Kinnitty Castle Irish Whiskey, The Dapper, Blend, 43%

Popping into my local Carry Out for some last minute purchases – I couldn’t help noticing the new Irish Whiskey on the shelves.

2020 – despite COVID – has witnessed the continued growth of Irish Whiskey in terms of sales, diversity of brands and distilleries being built.

Never before has there been such a glorious out pouring of whiskey.

The Dapper in a tuath c/othewhiskeynut

Kinnitty Castle is one of those new players.

Based just down the road from me in County Offaly, Kinnitty Castle has plans for their own distillery built on the Castle grounds within the old stables.

In the meantime – a couple of sourced releases are on offer to establish the brand.

The Dapper caught my eye.

Haunted castle? c/othewhiskeynut

Sporting a rather suave looking skeleton bedecked in glasses, sharp suit & tumbler of uisce beatha on the go – it exudes an air of cheeky fun yet steeped in heritage.

Very dashing!

There’s a bit of cask information on the rear – but a thorough tasting is far more enjoyable.

Back info c/othewhiskeynut

It’s almost if drops of the skeleton’s blood have imbued The Dapper with a ruby glow.

Dark rich & heavy aromas of fruity plums reeled me in.

A full mouthfeel bursting with flavour deliciously cascaded over my palate.

Contrasting dry & spicy vanillas danced merrily away on a long lasting finish.

The combination of Chablis casks & Virgin Oak barrels brought out a delightful depth & captivating complexity to this characterful blend.

A cracking little combo to introduce Kinnitty Castle Irish Whiskey to the world.


The Irish Whiskey 2010 -2020 Report is available here – IW 58pp A4 10 Year Report.pdf (9,061kb)


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