Quinn’s Old Sailor Rum, 37.5%, Guyana

I couldn’t leave Cushendun without calling in on Randal’s Bar.

Randal c/oWallStreetJournal

Character driven underestimates the experience.

It’s almost like entering a time capsule – which is to my advantage – as an unusual bottle caught my eye.

Quinn’s Old Sailor Rum c/othewhiskeynut

Offered no explanation of where or when the rum had been acquired – other than a customer used to enjoy it with milk? – I duly ordered a tot.

A lovely sweet & heavy treacly aroma greeted me – which was very reassuring – as I had misgivings it wouldn’t have aged well.

The palate was soft, smooth & silky mouth coating.

Very nice!

The treacly body gave way to hints of spice & suggestions of oak aging.

A suitably seafaring spirit to round up my Northern excursion.


Quinn’s of Cookstown (1964) Ltd were bought up by Britvic in 2011.

Does anyone have memories of this rum?


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