Looking For Grappa In Lucca, Diciotto Lune, 41% & Grappa Del LVPO, 40%

I was looking for Grappa in Lucca – Italy’s national spirit – & found a couple of bottles in a trendy, well stocked cocktail bar by the name of Screwdriver handily situated on the main Piazza San Michelle.

The first one I tried had a very stylish bottle with Dici Otto Lune emblazoned on the front. This translates into eighteen moons – the usual time a ‘stravecchia’ grappa has to be aged in wood to earn the title.

This grappa enticed with a lovely rich agricultural, earthy kind of nose.

A silky smooth & velvety mouthfeel gave off a touch of tannic spice.

The finish had me stumped a little. It was both drying yet lovely & juicy all at the same time!

A very well cultured grappa!

The next one was a different kind of beast!

Grappa Del LVPO was presented clear & colourless.

Extremely aromatic on the nose displaying a more earthy & vegetal feeling.

Gorgeously oily on the palate – with a healthy bite from the wolf too!

A very entertaining drinking experience!

So much so I had another Grappa del LVPO when my friends caught up with me!


All images authors own.

Screwdriver facebook page here.

Diciotta Lune website here.

Montenegro srl website here.


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