Thistly Cross, Whisky Cask Scottish Cider, 6.7%

Whisky Cask Ciders don’t pop up very often.

All the more reason to grab this Thistly Cross Cider when I spotted it in a local Co-op Store when over in Scotland.

Suitably pale in colour the nose offered up a lovely dry apple aroma.

Crisp, clean & fresh taste augmented by a richness of depth to the body.

It states ‘Matured for six months in Scotch Whisky Casks‘ on the label – no mention of style, distillery or region given – yet I found it hard to discern any whisky flavours in the cider.

I did enjoy the dry apple influence & wholesome feel of Thistly Cross however & would happily grab it again when I next visit!


Thistly Cross website here.

All images authors own.


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