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Stewart’s Fine Old Demerara Rum, 40%, Guyana

I wasn’t expecting the Shetland Isles to have their own branded rum – but it appears Stewart’s Fine Old Demerara Rum hails from the successful wholesale business of Hughson Brothers based in Lerwick.

I was shopping in Scalloway & came across Stewart’s Rum in the local grocers in a handy 35cl size.

Always on the lookout for something new – it made my bag.

Now the Shetlands are renowned for their fishing industry – although I’m not sure the fleet ever reached Guyana. However Stewart’s Rum did make it back to the most Northern extremities of the UK.

Pours the familiar dark brown colour encountered in many a demerara rum.

The nose is sweet with welcome dark molasses overtones.

An easy approachable palate – more on the treacly sweet side rather than woody & tannic.

Slips down easily – especially in the fine summers evening sunshine we enjoyed!

On further travels around the islands virtually every shop, bar, restaurant & supermarket stocked the brand. According to the Hughson Brothers website it’s also available in Glasgow!

I’m glad I got the opportunity to try out Stewart’s Rum on the Shetlands!


Hughson Brothers website here.


The Rums Available At Lidl Germany Blew My Mind!

Trying to find out more about Lidl’s Captain Cook’s Rum I came across the website.

The depth & variety of rums offered blew my mind!

A selection of 71 products left me reeling!

Captain Cook himself had a couple of barrel aged rums presented at 46%,

Along with a 12 Year Old Signature Rum.

The wonderful Ron Pelicano – branded as Ron Bengalo in Germany – had their entire portfolio.

Diplimatico rum also appears to have been rebranded as Botucal Rum.

Familiar names such as Plantation, El Dorado, Zacapa, Havana & Bacardi also featured.

A stunning 30 Year Old Ron Centenario was a little above my self imposed €50 limit,

But I could have change with their 20 Year Old – along with 2 tumblers!

Simply a treasure trove of rum to drool over.

Oh to be a Lidl shopper in Germany!


Visit website here.

All images courtesy

Website was accessed March 2023

Thomson’s Old Sailor, Special Demerara Rum, 37.5%

Last summer we were touring the Borders Region with a nephew over from the States.

Having taken in the Shannon Pot – much to his amusement – a spot of lunch was in order.

Looking into Brexitland from a European Union Ireland

Dropping down into Blacklion on the Cavan/Fermanagh border we didn’t find a suitable eatery open so a short walk across the peaceful & picturesque Belcoo River took us out of the European Union & into the Brexitland of United Kingdom where the Customs House Hotel welcomed us in.

Being in a different jurisdiction often reveals an alternative array of spirits. Customs House didn’t disappoint in this regard offering a hitherto unknown rum to me in the shape of Thomson’s Old Sailor Demerara Rum.

In no short time a tot was poured to accompany our hearty meal.

The dark brown rum offered up a mix of sweet dark caramels entwined with an oaky element.

A smooth palate continued that woody influence & added up extra character & depth.

A flourish of tannic spice on the rear endeared this rum to me.

An easy & entertaining Demerara Rum that hit the right notes.

Demerara Rums usually hail from Guyana & Thomson’s appears to be made for United Wine Merchants Ltd.

United Wines are a large alcoholic drinks wholesalers operation based in Craigavon who have an eclectic array of drinks to satisfy all tastes.

I was extremely pleased to have encountered their Thomson’s Old Sailor Rum – & also fortunately having my UK bank card handy to purchase the enjoyable lunch in sterling!


Customs House website here.

United Wines website here.

Information on the Shannon Pot here.

Motorhead Premium Dark Rum, 40%

It’s dark,

it’s sweet,

it’s heavy

& it’s pretty darned tasty!

Celebrity spirits generally get a bad rap – mainly from those on the inside – but they generate increased sales – usually from the outside – & attract a new layer of drinkers for the producers involved.

The producer of this Dominican Republican rum isn’t stated – but it has benefited from an 8 year solera style ageing process.

I welcome celebrity spirits.

Especially one as tasty as this dark rum bearing the Motorhead motif.

There’s woodiness, oak, sweet molasses, & a lovely flair of tannic spice on the rear.

It satisfies my rum tendencies – as well as my heavy metal cravings.

Rock on!

I purchased my Motorhead Rum via Brands For Fans here.

For a list of rum distilleries in Dominican Republic visit here.

Whiskey Nut’s Most Read Blogs of 2022

2022 has been a bit of a momentus year for world events.

At Whiskey Nut blogging it’s been business as usual.

7 of the Top Ten Blogs have featured before – 3 make their third appearance – with 3 newcomers to the list. I draw conclusions from that & see patterns emerging.

These are my Top 10 Read Blogs for 2022 based on WordPress stats – Dec 30th 2022.

Feel free to press on the highlighted words to access the original posts.

1 – Kyasuku Whisky, Oct 21

This Aldi exclusive Mizunara finished World Whisky from Japan sure was a tasty drop!

2 – Ron Pelicano Jamaican Rum, Nov 22

An astonishing achievement in only 2 months -the rum is pretty decent too!

3 – Proper Twelve vs Jameson, Dec 18

After topping the list for 2 years in a row the ‘Champ’ is beginning to falter.

4 – Ron Rumbero, Dec 19

Featuring for a 3rd year does this rum selection mark a growing interest in another brown spirit?

5 – Irish Whiskey Distilleries, Dec 21

A page of development, growth & renewed interest in Irish Whiskey.

6 – Dundalgan IPA Cask, Nov 20

A West Cork exclusive for Lidl that has consistently pleased.

7 – Royal Envy, Apr 22

I don’t envy the Royals – but I’d like to have a taster of this smoky Indian Whisky!

8 – Black & Blue, Jan 19

Making it’s 3rd appearance this Indian Whisky is one I did manage to obtain.

9 – V For Vietnam, May 18

Let’s just say there’s a lot of love for Wall Street out there.

10 – Azteca Tequila, Apr 22

Is this the beginning of affection for agave based spirits in Ireland?

Thank You

I’d like to thank all my readers for continuing to follow my blog.

Join me in raising a glass to celebrate the beginning of 2023.


The Demise of Ion Distillery

It’s rather disconcerting reaching into the back of my spirit stash,

pulling out an Irish made rum,

pouring a drink &

pondering on how the company has progressed,

to discover it has folded!

Ion Spiced Rum is an eminently festive spirit.

Bottled at 43% it’s redolent with cinnamon, ginger & mixed spices that capture a warmth on the palate engendering a cosy feeling on drinking.

But spirit companies success aren’t solely based on the quality of the liquid,

the character of the person behind the brand,

the appeal of the advertising,

the ability of the story to capture an audience &

the distribution network to enable that audience to easily purchase the spirit,

all play a part.

Sadly Ion Rum didn’t achieve the magic mix of all those factors & I’m left raising a glass to their demise.

Better to have tried & failed than to have never tried at all.


My original Ion Spiced Rum review here.

Active proposal to strike off Pokertree Brewing – parent company of Ion Distillery here.

Ron Pelicano, Jamaican Rum, 40%

I was Lidl shopping for the Sunday lunch & as usual checked out the spirit shelves.

A couple of colourful new rums greeted me!

Both labelled up as Ron Pelicano the blue one hailed from Barbados while the yellow is Jamaican.

I couldn’t resist!

The Jamaican bottle sports the coordinates for Jamaica – along with some information about the island itself plus an outline on the logo – but nothing about the rum inside.

An internet search for Ron Pelicano revealed they have a collection of 6 rums from varying countries & islands all bearing a similar style – just different primary colours.

I must admit to finding them visually attractive & would like to try all 6 – if only to discern the taste difference between each region’s rums.

As it is I’ll start with Jamaica – I’m expecting some fruity funkiness – so what did I find?

Well I don’t know if the vivid yellow bottle is influencing me but I’m getting over-ripe sweet banana of this one – along with a serious dollop of funk too!

The funk follows through with a pleasing mouthfeel replete with juicy fruitiness, a touch of lingering spice & a satisfyingly long finish.

Nice introduction to this latest line of rums from Lidl!

While digging out some background information on this brand I discovered it’s sold in Germany as Ron Bengalo!

& weirder still a thief in Devon made off with a few bottles.

Article from Devon Live Court Reports

I just hope the Venezuelan tasted as good as this Jamaican!


Ron Pelicano webpage here.

Ron Bengalo Lidl page here.

All photos authors own.

A Trio Of Aged Rums From Tiny Tipple, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, 40%, Venezuela, Appleton Reserve, 40%, Jamaica & Flor De Cana 18 Year Old, 40%, Nicaragua.

I thought I’d take advantage of the last hurrah at Tiny Tipple & try out a trio of aged rums.

With the news global rum brand Bacardi are proposing to takeover Dublin whiskey distillery Teelings as well as rum now outselling whiskey in the UK – it seems a topical time to sample this trio.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, 40%, Venezuela

Diplomatico are quite big hitters in the rum world – despite a reputation for added sugar – & are generally easily available.

Out of the 3 rums Diplomatico does come out the darkest shade of golden brown giving the nose a suitable dark, rich & sweet aroma of muscovado sugar.

Very smooth, sweet & easy on the palate.

Develops a rich & complex depth on the rear finishing with a touch of tannic spice.

A very peasant easy sipper.

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, 40%, Jamaica

This is a non-age statement – NAS – release that previously proudly displayed an 8. Whether this is due to an increase in sales depleting stocks or simply a way for the distillery to utilise a broader array of rums for the blend I don’t know. Not having tried the 8yo I can only go on what is before me.

The palest light brown of the trio.

Soft hints of funk on the nose – I’d be disappointed if I hadn’t found funk in a Jamaican rum!

The palate didn’t give much away – smooth, easy & fresh.

A flourishing finalé of engaging spiciness interspersed with juicy fruitiness lifted the drinking experience.


Flor De Cana 18 Year Old, 40%. Nicaragua.

I’ve not tried any Flor De Cana before – so this big 18yo age statement carrier is a bit of a leap into their Ultra Premium Collection.

Light brown colour.

Quite a shy nose only giving away a gentle fruity sweetness.

Found the palate a trifle non-descript & unforthcoming of flavour.

The long ageing in wood dominated the finish providing a drying tannic spiciness which tingled merrily away.

Left me a little underwhelmed.


These 3 rums can easily be appreciated by whiskey drinkers. All have been aged in wooden barrels – ex-bourbon are predominately used – although I must admit to finding the wood influence begins to dominate from the core rum flavours which can counterpose as an alternative to drinking whiskey.

All 3 demonstrate a rich sweetness not typically found in whiskey – with only the Appleton exhibiting a fruity funk – even if it was quite mild in this Reserve – giving it a lead above the other 2.

Perhaps my palate would have preferred the younger rums from these distilleries? They tend to showcase the flavours from the raw ingredients used to a higher degree.


Diplomatico webpage here.

Appleton Estate webpage here.

Flor De Cana webpage here.

Bottle images courtesy Celtic Whiskey Shop.

Renegade Rum, Dunfermline Column Still & Pot Still Pre Cask Rums, 50%

Mark Reynier has made a big play of terroir in the whiskey trade with his Waterford Distillery.

Renegade Distillery in Grenada shaping up to do the same with rum.

I did purchase one of his whiskies.

Waterford Bannow 1.2 c/othewhiskeynut

Can’t say all the transparency, honesty & information won me over.

All I tasted was quite a young, feisty & very fresh whiskey that needed more time in the barrel.

Haven’t bought another.

I am curious enough however to try out a couple of his rums – the Dunfermline Column & Pot Still varieties.

Renegade use the term ‘pre cask’ – but essentially it’s unaged or white rum in normal parlance.

Unaged rum is a category I really enjoy.

The combination of raw ingredients, fermentation times & distilling techniques can produce exceedingly aromatic & richly tasting spirits that can captivate the senses.

My expectation is the Pot Still variety will be the more flavourful version – but it all depends on the skill of the distiller – so complying with custom I start with the Column Still.

Image courtesy Celtic Whiskey Shop

Renegade Rum Dunfermline Column Still, Pre-Cask, 50%

A lovely sweet pungency of sugar cane with a touch of sourness peeking through.

Smooth mouthfeel slowly grows in heat with more fruitiness coming through – but not much else.

Fades rather quickly with a serving of prickliness rounding off the show.

Image courtesy Celtic Whiskey Shop

Renegade Rum Dunfermline Pot Still, Pre-Cask, 50%

There’s an ever so slightly warmer embrace of pungent fruitiness from the pot still.

Definitely an oiliness on the palate of this one!

It’s just an overall fuller & fatter tasting experience for me & leaves with a warmer – even rounder – embrace.


I think Mr Reynier is onto a roll with his distilleries.

Attracting a loyal gathering of fans to snap up his offerings & extoll the virtues of terroir to all & sundry.

No doubt he’ll convince some whiskey drinkers into rum imbibing – which is no bad thing.

Both of these rums are enjoyable & engaging to sip, sample & explore the differences between column & pot still distillation & what they bring to the palate.

I’m just not convinced a single estate, pre-cask single variety trumps a well blended offering from multiple countries, columns & pots, sugar cane & molasses that can be produced time & again at an affordable price.

The art of blending is something Mr Reynier has written out of his agenda.


Waterford Distillery website here.

Renegade Rum website here.

My blog on Waterford Whiskey here.

The samples were purchased via Tiny Tipple here.

Langs Banana Jamaican Rum, 37.5%

The rum world appears to be far more willing to embrace new flavours, styles & experimentation than that of whiskey.

Langs Banana Jamaican Rum is one of many flavoured rums to have hit the market lately – and it’s a growing market too!

Langs Rum is part of the diverse range of drinks offered by the Ian MacLeod Distillers empire.

The nose was very sweet & well – banana-y!

The sweetness followed through into a smooth & oily mouthfeel with the banana being complimented by hints of Jamaican funk & a welcome soft tingling spice on the rear.

Makes for a very easy & highly entertaining tipple.


Langs Rum website here.

Spirits Business report on Rum sales outselling Whisky here.

Ian MacLeod Distillers website here.