Irish Tasting List

Currently 99% of the Irish Whiskey expressions on the market emanate from only 3 distilleries namely;

Bushmills in Co Antrim, owners Jose Cuervo

Kilbeggan/Cooley. in Co Westmeath/Louth, this is a 2 distillery concern in 2 counties, owners Beam/Suntory and

Midleton, in Co Cork, owners Pernod Ricard

This situation is all set to change in the next few years as spirit laid down by a new generation of whiskey distilleries for the required 3 years maturation comes on stream. At the forefront of these new bucks are;

Teeling of Dublin, formerly part of the team at Kilbeggan/Cooley – now on there own selling the Teelings brand and

Walsh Whiskey of Co Carlow, selling the Irishman and Writers Tears brands.

There are many others in the pipeline making it hard to keep track of – unless you have your finger on the lively pulse of Irish whiskey developments!

All whiskey bearing an Irish Whiskey label must have been made on the island of Ireland which includes both The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland – the latter being part of the UK to confuse matters. There is no requirement to name the actual source distillery however and it’s often not stated – leaving keen connoisseurs to muse and debate over the distillery – or distilleries – used!

Anyways – I’d expect many new releases shortly – making for exciting time ahead in the Irish Whiskey World.

Below is my tasting list – alphabetically under distillery/blender/bottler/brand owner as appropriate – with a few brief notes and links.

Feel free to comment, suggest or criticize.


Whiskey Nut


Irish Reserve 4 Year Old, Blend, 40%. Decent entry level whiskey.

Irish Reserve 26 Year Old Single Malt, 40%. Worth the hunt!

Black’s Of Kinsale

12 Year Old Single Malt, 46%


The Whiskey, Blend, 40% Lovely, not as sweet as you think. Hard to find.

Barr an Uisce

Wicklow Rare Blend, 43%

Blackwater Distillery

Retronaut 17 Year Old Single Malt, 46%. A sourced malt showcasing Blackwater Distillery. A stunning ex-bourbon cask single malt.

Boan Distillery

The Whistler, Blend, 40%

The Whistler, 7 Year Old Blue Note, Single Malt, 46%

The Whistler 7 Year Old, Single Malt Cask Strength, 59%

The Whistler, 10 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%


Irish Poteen, 40%


Bushmills Black Bush, Blend, 40%

Bushmills Irish Honey, 35%. Not strictly whiskey – Spirit Drink – had it on holiday.

Bushmills Original, White Bush, Blend, 40%

Bushmills Red Bush, Blend, 40%

Bushmills Steamship, Single Malt, Bourbon Cask, 40%. Yes!

Bushmills Steamship, Single Malt, Port Cask, 40%. Lovely

Bushmills Steamship, Single Malt, Sherry Cask, 40%

Bushmills 10 Year Old Single Malt, 40%

Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt, 40%

Bushmills 21 Year Old Single Malt, 40%

Celtic Cask 

Ocht 8, Single Cask, 46%

Do Dheag 12, Single Cask, 46%

Tri Deag 13, Single Cask, 46%

Ceathir Deag 14, Single Cask, 46%. Superb.

Cuig Deag, 15, Single Cask, 46%

Fiche a Sé, 26, 46%

Westmeath Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

Clonakilty Distillery

Virgin Oak Cask, Blend, 43.6%. Lovely.

Clontarf Whiskey    Produced for Castle Brands Inc who also do Knappogue Castle. Popular in the USA. I picked up my bottles in Aldi.

Clontarf 10 Year Old Signature Reserve, Blend, 40%

Clontarf Classic Blend, 40%

Clontarf Irish Whiskey & Cola, 5%. Pre-mixed can.

Clontarf Irish Whiskey & Ginger, 5% Better pre-mixed can.

Clontarf Reserve, Blend, 40%

Clontarf Single Malt, 40%


Coleraine Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%. A fairly standard entry level blend.

Connacht Whiskey Company

Ballyhoo! Irish Whiskey, 43% Single Grain. Delightful!

Brothership Irish/American Blended Whiskey, 45%

Spade and Bushell, 10 Year Old, Single Malt Cask Strength, 57.5%

Straw Boys Poitin, 45%

Cooley Distillery

Millars Special Reserve, Blend, 40%

Slieve Foy, 8 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

Craic & Divilment

Buckfast Barrel Finished Irish Whiskey, 40%. It’s good!

Craoi Na Mona

Craoi na Mona, Single Malt, 40%. A lovely peated malt from Berry Bros & Rudd.


The original Tullamore Distillery prior to it’s closure in 1954

Pure Unblended Pot Still Irish Whiskey, 70 proof. Fabulous!

Dingle Distillery

Dingle Gold, Blend, 46%. A sourced product.

Dingle Single Malt Batch 2, 46.5%. Powerful & tasty.

Dingle Single Malt Batch 3, 46.5%. Fresh & lively.

Dingle Single Malt Cask Strength, 60.7%

Dingle Single Malt, Port and Bourbon Cask, SuperValu Release, 46.5%

Dingle Single Pot Still, PX Cask,

Dublin Liberties Distillery

Copper Alley, 10 Year Old, Single Malt, Sherry Finish, 46%

Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey, Blend, 44%. The rabbit done good!

Dubliner Blend, 40%

Dubliner Liqueur, 30%

Dubliner 10 Year Old, Single Malt, 42%

Keeper’s Coin, 16 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%

Murder Lane, 13 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%

Oak Devil, Blend, 46%

Oak Devil, 5 Year Old, Blend, 46%

Tannery Edition, Blend, 40%. Distillery Exclusive.


10 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%. Very enjoyable.

Charred Cask Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%. A mild, mellow Lidl brand.

Echlinville Distillery

Bán Poitin, 48%

Dunville’s VR, Single Malt, 46%

Dunville’s Three Crowns, Blend, 46%

Dunville’s Three Crowns Peated, Blend, 43.5%

Feckin Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

Feckin Spiced Whiskey, Liqueur, 35%


Egan’s Irish Whiskey, Single Malt, 10 Year Old, 47%

Egan’s Legacy Reserve, 15 Year Old Single Malt, 46%. Sumptuous.

Egan’s Vintage Grain, Single Grain, 46%

Five Farms

Irish Cream Liqueur, 17%

Garavan’s Bar

Grocer’s Choice, 10 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%. Gorgeous.

Glendalough Distillery  

Glendalough Double Barrel, Single Grain, 42%

Glendalough Sherry Finish Poitin, 40%

Glendalough Triple Barrel, Single Grain, 42%

Glendalough 7, Single Malt, 46%

Gortinore Distillers

Natterjack Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

Great Northern Distillery

Burke’s 14 Year Old, Single Cask, Single Malt, 59%

Burke’s 15 Year Old, Single Cask, Single Malt, 59%

Ha’Penny Whiskey

Ha’Penny Irish Whiskey, Blend, 43%. A lovely rich Peasre Lyons produced blend.

Hibernia Distillers

Hyde No 1, 10 Year Old, Single Malt President’s Cask, 46%

Hyde No 2, 10 Year Old, Single Malt, Rum Finish, 46%. Enjoying the rum!

Hyde No 3, 1916, 8 Year Old Single Grain, 46%. Nice!

Hyde No 5, 1860, Single Grain Burgundy Finish, 46%

Hyde No 6, 1938, Special Reserve, Blend, 46%

Inish Turk Beg

Maiden Voyage, Single Malt, 44%

Irish American Trading Co

10 Year Old Single Malt, 40%

Classic Blend, 40%

Irish Whiskey Society

Marrowbone Lane Single Cask,  Single Pot Still, 54.7%. Wonderful.

Specially Selected Blend, 46%. Bottled for IWS by Teelings.

Jack Ryan’s  

Beggars Bush 12 Year Old Single Malt, 46%

Jameson    produced at Midleton.

Crested, Blend, 40%

Crested Ten, Blend 40%

Deconstructed Series, Bold, Blend, 40%

Deconstructed Series, Lively, Blend, 40%

Deconstructed Series, Round, Blend, 40%. Nice!

Jameson Black Barrel, Blend, 40%

Jameson Blender’s Dog, Blend, 43%

Jameson Cooper’s Croze, Blend, 43%

Jameson Distiller’s Safe, Blend, 43%

Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve, Blend 40%

Jameson 18 Year Old, New Label, Blend, 40%

Jameson Caskmates, IPA Edition, Blend, 40%

Jameson Caskmates, Stout Edition, Blend 40%

Jameson Distillery Reserve, Blend 40%

Jameson Gold Reserve, Blend 40%

Jameson Irish Whiskey, Blend 40%

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel, Blend 40%

JJ Corry

The Flintlock, 16 Year Old Single Malt, 46%

The Gael, Blend, 46%

Kilbeggan – Cooley

Connemara 12 Year Old, 40%, Single Malt. Softly peated balanced malt.

Connemara 22 Year Old, 46%, Single Malt. Well balanced & complex peated malt.

Connemara Peated Single Malt, 40%

Connemara Turf Mor, Single Malt, 46%. New bottling. Rich peat, almost as fabulous as it’s sister 58%

Connemara Turf Mor, Single Malt, 58.2%. Fabulous!

Inishowen, Blend, 40% A lovely lightly smoked & peated blend.

Kilbeggan 8 Year Old Single Grain, 40%. Originally called Greenore but now rebranded.

Kilbeggan, Single Grain, 43%. Re-recipied & NAS now. Nice.

Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye, 43%. The rebirth of rye in Irish Distilling. Quite soft & muted yet balanced & complex.

Kilbeggan 21 Year Old, Blend 40%

Kilbeggan Whiskey, Blend 40%

Locke’s Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

Locke’s 8 Year Old Crock, Single Malt, 40%

Slane Castle Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40% The old grainy bottle.

Slieve na gCloc, Single Peated Malt, 40%.  Lovely full on peat.

The Irish Fiddler, Blend, 40%

Titanic 5 Year Old, Blend, 40%. Decent dram this.

Tyrconnell Single Malt, 15 Year Old Madeira Finish, 46%. Fabulous.

Tyrconnell Single Malt, 16 Year Old, Oloroso & Moscatel Finish, 46%. Even better.

Tyrconnell Single Malt, 40%

Tyrconnel, Port Finish, Single Malt, 46%

Tyrconnel, Sherry Finish, Single Malt, 46%


10 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%

Knappogue Castle  

12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

14 Year Old Twin Wood, Single Malt, 46%

16 Year Old Sherry Finish, Single Malt, 40%

Marsala Cask, Single Cask 46%

Lambay Whiskey

Single Malt, 40%

Small Batch Blend, 40%.

Malones Whiskey Company

Flaming Pig Black Cask, Blend, 40%

Flaming Pig Spiced Irish, Whiskey Liqueur, 33%


Special Reserve, Blend, 40%

Method & Madness

Single Grain, 46%, Sumptuosly gorgeous!

Single Malt, 46%

Single Pot Still, French Chestnut, 46%. Beautiful.

Single Pot Still, Hungarian Oak, 46%. Even better.

Michael Collins

Previously produced for Sidney Frank Importing Co. by Cooley prior to Beam takeover.

Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey, 40%

Michael Collins, 10 Year Old Single Malt, 40% A lovely softly peated expression.


Poitin, 44%

Midleton Distillery

Dungourney 1964 Pure Pot Still, 40%. Beautiful

Dunphy’s Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%.

Green Spot Chateau Leoville Barton, Single Pot Still, 46%

Green Spot Chateau Montelena, Single Pot Still, 46%

Green Spot, Single Pot Still 40%

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy, Single Pot Still  46%

Midleton Dair Ghaelach, Bluebell Forest, Single Pot Still, 58%

Midleton Dair Ghaelach, Single Pot Still, Cask Strength, 58%

Midleton Very Rare 2017, Blend, 40%

Midleton Very Rare, 2016, Blend, 40%

Midleton Very Rare, 2015,Blend, 40%

Midleton Very Rare, 2006, Blend, 40%

Mulligan Whiskey Liqueur, 35% An Irish Distillers discontinued liqueur. Whiskey hit on taste overcome by sweet honey.

Paddy Centenary, Single Pot Still, 43%. Far superior than the blend!

Paddy Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

Redbreast 12 Year Old, Cask Strength, 58%

Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still, 40%

Redbreast 15 Year Old Single Pot Still, 46%

Redbreast 21 Year Old Single Pot Still, 46%

Redbreast Lustau, Single Pot Still, 46%

Red Spot, 15 Year Old Single Pot Still, 46%. Underwhelmed.

Yellow Spot, 12 Year Old Single Pot Still 46%

Palace Bar

Fourth Estate Bottling, Single Malt, 46%

Peaky Blinder

Peaky Blinder Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%. A belter.

Pearse Lyons Whiskey

Pearse 5 Year Old, Cask Strength, Single Malt, 59.3%. Powerful.

Pearse 5 Year Old, Distillery Bottle, Single Malt, 46%. Soft & subtle.

Pearse, Cooper’s Select, Blend, 42%

Pearse, Distiller’s Choice, Blend, 42%

Pearse, Distiller’s Choice, 7 Year Old, Blend, 43%. New bottling.

Pearse, Founder’s Choice, 12 Year Old, Single Malt, 42%

Pearse, Founder’s Choice, 12 Year Old, Single Malt, 43%. New bottling.

Pearse, The Original, Blend, 42%

Pearse, The Original, 5 Year Old, Blend, 43%. New bottling.

Powers    produced at Midleton.

Celtic Whiskey Shop, Single Pot Still 2016 Release. 46%

12 Year Old Special Reserve, Blend, 40%

1817 Release, Single Pot Still, 46%

Garavan’s 15 Year Old Single Cask, Single Pot Still, 46%

Gold Label, Blend 40%

John’s Lane Reserve, Single Pot Still 46%

Signature Release, Single Pot Still 46%

Three Swallows, Single Pot Still 40%

Prize Fight Whiskey

Prize Fight Irish Whiskey , Blend, 43%. A West Cork Distillers/Tamworth Distilling collaboration rye finished Irish Whiskey.

Proper No Twelve

Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%.

Quiet Man

Irish Whiskey Blend, 40%

8 Year Old Single Malt, 40%

St Patrick’s Distillery

St Patrick’s Cask Strength Whiskey, 53%

St Patrick’s Irish Whiskey, Blend 46%

St Patrick’s Moonshine, 45.7%

St Patrick’s Single Malt, 40%

Sean’s Bar

Sean’s Clonmacnoise Single Malt, 40%. Characterful

Sean’s Luain Edition, Blend, 40%

Slane Whiskey Ireland

Slane Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

Sliabh Liag Distillery

The Silkie, Blend, 40%

Tipperary Distillery

Knockmealdowns, 10 Year Old Single Malt, 47%. Lovely.

The Rising, 11 Year Old Single Malt, 47%. Ex-bourbon cask finished, sweet.

Watershed, Single Malt, NAS, 47%.

Teeling Whiskey

Currently all releases originate from Kilbeggan/Cooley or Bushmills, the source hasn’t been revealed. Stocks were secured during the sale to Beam and generally finished in a variety of barrels under master distiller Alex Chasko’s guidance.. Teeling are now producing spirit in their new Dublin distillery which will have to mature before being brought to market.

Teeling, 1991 Sherry Cask Crystal Malt, Single Cask, 60%? Beautiful.

Teeling, 2001 Port Cask, Single Cask, 60%? Stunning!

Teeling, Brabazon Bottling 1, Single Malt, Sherry Cask, 49.5%

Teeling, Brabazon Bottling 2, Single Malt, Port Cask, 49.5%. Lovely.

Teeling 21 Year Old, Vintage Reserve, Single Malt, 46%

Teeling 23 Year Old Single Malt, Cask Strength, Sherry Finish. Superb!

Teeling An Pucan Revival, Single Malt, Single Cask, 56%

Teeling Single Grain, 46%

Teeling Single Malt, 46%

Teeling Small Batch, Blend,46%

Teeling Spirit Of Dublin, Irish Poitin, 52.5% Nice spice.

Teeling, The Revival, 15 Year Old Single Malt, 46%. Lovely rum finished expression.

Teeling, The Revival, Volume 2, 13 Year Old Single Malt, 46% Calvados cask finished.

Teeling, The Revival, Volume V, 12 Year Old Single Malt, 46%. Cognac & Brandy cask finished. Lovely.

Temple Bar

Traditional Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

10 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

15 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Irish Single Malt #1, 48.4%. Unnamed source bottled for a UK based independent bottler. Fabulous label.

Tullamore DEW

Currently most expressions have been made at Midleton but this will change after the new Tullamore DEW distillery opened at Tullamore in 2014 – operated by Grant’s of Scotland – and is laying down spirit for future release.

Tullamore DEW Black 43, Blend, 43% Lovely sherry finish.

Tullamore DEW Blended Whiskey, 40%

Tullamore DEW Cider Cask, Blend, 40%

Tullamore DEW Phoenix, Blend, 55%

Tullamore DEW Old Bonded Warehouse, Blend, 46%

Tullamore DEW XO Caribbean Rum Cask, Blend, 43%

Tullamore DEW 10 Year Old Single Malt, 40%

Tullamore DEW 12 Year Old, Blend, 40%

Tullamore DEW 12 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish, Single Malt, 46%, this expression is actually distilled by Bushmills!

Tullamore DEW 14 Year Old Single Malt. 41.3%. Lovely!

Tullamore DEW 18 Year Old Single Malt, 41.3%

Tullamore DEW 15 Year Old Trilogy, Blend, 40%

Walsh Whiskey

The distillery opened in 2016 in Co. Carlow but is releasing a fine range of whiskeys produced by a third party.

The Irishman Cask Strength, Single Malt, 53%

The Irishman Founder’s Reserve, a Single Malt & Single Pot Still Blend, 40%

The Irishman Single Malt, 40%

The Irishman 12 Year Old, Single Malt, 43%

The Irishman 17 Year Old, Cask Strength Single Malt, 56%

Writer’s Tears, Cask Strength, 2017, Single Malt, 53%

Writer’s Tears, Red Head, Single Malt, 46%, sweet sherry finished malt.

Writer’s Tears Copper Pot, a Single Malt & Single Pot Still Blend, 40%

West Cork Distillery

Black Cask, Blend, 40%

Dha Chasca Single Malt, 43%

The Famous Galway Bay Irish Whiskey, 10 Year Old Single Malt, 43%

Glengarriff Series, Single Malt, Bog Oak Charred Cask, 43%

Glengarriff Series, Single Malt, Peat Charred Cask, 43%. Lovely soft peat.

Great Oaks, Single Cask, Blend, 46% Lovely & warming.

Hugh Lynch’s Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

The Pogues Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

10 Year Old Single Malt, 40%. A sweet ex-bourbon matured malt.

12 Year Old, Single Malt, Port Cask, 43%

12 Year Old, Single Malt, Rum Cask, 43%

12 Year Old, Single Cask, Sherry Cask, 43%

Wild Geese

Produced for The Avalon Group by Cooley Distillery.

Wild Geese Classic Blend, 40%

Wild Geese Limited Edition, Blend, 43%

Wild Geese Rare Blend, 43%


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  1. Comprehensive list there. Glad to hear the Steamship bourbon cask is nice because that’s priced reasonably. I really liked their Sherry edition so I’ll take the risk next time I’m in duty-free.


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