Mezcal & Tequila & Pox

After doing an WSET Spirits Level 2 course I was smitten by the Mezcals & associated agave based drinks.

Below is a list of these engaging spirits I’ve sampled with a link to my blog or manufacturers website.

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Del Maguey Chichicapa, 46%

Del Maguey Pechuga, 49%

Del Maguey Tobala, 45%

Del Maguey Vida, 42%

La Medida, Mezcal Artesanal Joven, Guelavila, 40%

La Penca, Joven Mezcal, 40%

Madre Mezcal Artesanal, 45%

Mezcal Amores, Cupreata Joven, 41%

Mezcal Amores, Espadín Joven, 41%

Mezcales De Leyenda, Oaxaca, Agave Angustifolia, 42%

Monte Alban, 100% Agave Mezcal, 40%

San Cosme, Joven, 40%

Zignum Reposado, 40%


Casa Na’am, 40%


1800 Tequila, Silver, 40% & 38%

1800 Reposado, 38%

1800 Anejo, 38%

AC/DC Thunderstruck, Tequila Blanco, 40%

Agavales, Blanco Tequila, 35%

Azteca Tequila Blanco, 38%

Bambarria Joven, 38%

Casamigos Reposado, 40%

Corralejo Silver, 38%

Corazón Anejo, 40%

Corazón Blanco, 40%

Don Angel Blanco, 38%

Don Julio, Aged, 38%

Don Julio, Blanco Tequila, 40%

El Jimador, Tequila Blanco, 38%

Jose Cuervo, Especial, 38%

Jose Cuervo, Reserva de la Familia Extra Anejo, 38%

Jose Cuervo, Tradicional Silver, 38%

Jose Cuervo, Tradicional Reposado, 38%

Kah, Anejo, 40%

Kah, Blanco, 40%

Kah, Reposado, 55%

La Chica Tequila Gold, 38%

Maestro Dobel, Anejo Tequila, 40%

Maestro Dobel, Diamante Reposado, Tequila, 40%

Maestro Dobel, Silver Tequila, 40%

Olmeca, Gold, 38%

Patron Tequila, Anejo, 40%

Patron Tequila, Reposado, 40%

Patron Tequila, Silver, 40%

Pedro Infante Anejo Tequila, 38%

Sierra Silver, Tequila, 38%

Sierra Reposado, Tequila, 38%


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