Rum, Clairin & Cachaca

Sure why not expand the palate a little!

Rum is a distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice or molasses in many countries. There are hundreds of varieties. Below is a list of a few I’ve tried with links to my blog posts on the rum or manufacturers website.

Clairin is an artisinal spirit made in Haiti.

Cachaca is made in Brazil from sugarcane juice & has GI status.


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Cachaça 51, 40%, Brazil

Fubá Cachaça, 40%, Brazil

Nêga Fulô, Cachaça, 38%. Brazil


Clairin Casimir, 54%, Haiti

Clairin Communal, 43%, Haiti

Clairin Le Rocher, 46.5%, Haiti

Clairin Sajous, 53,5%, Haiti

Clairin Vaval, 51%, Haiti


Abuelo, 12 Year Old, 40%, Panama

Admiral’s Cask, Premium Panama Rum, 40%, Panama.

The Legendary Alnwick Rum, 43%. Jamaica & Guyana

Appleton, 12 Year Old Rare Blend, 43%, Jamaica.

Appleton, Reserve Blend, 40%, Jamaica.

Appleton, Signature Blend, 40%. Jamaica.

Appleton, White, 40%. Jamaica.

Asda, Dark Navy Rum, 37.5%. Caribbean.

Asda, Superior White Rum, 37.5%, Caribbean.

Bacardi, Carta Blanca, 37.5%. Puerto Rico

Bacardi, Reserva Ocho, 40%. Puerto Rico

Bacoo, 4 Year Old Rum, 40%, Dominican Republic

Banditti Club, Spiced Rum, 44%,  Madeira & Scotland.

Blacks of Kinsale, Golden Rum, 40%, Ireland

Blacks of Kinsale, Spiced Irish Rum, 40%. Ireland

Black Tot Rum, 46.2%, Caribbean

Brewdog, Five Hundred Cuts, Spiced Rum, 40%, Scottish

Bristol, Caroni VSOC 10 Year Old, 40%, Trinidad

Bristol, Diamond Distillery, 2003, 43%, Guyana.

Bristol, Haiti 2003, 43%, Haiti.

Bristol, Nicaragua 1999, 43%, Nicaragua

Brugal XV Reserva, 38%, Dominican Republic

Captain Morgan, Dark Rum, 40%. Caribbean.

Caribica, Brown Rum, 40%. Jamaica

Co-op, Smooth White Caribbean Rum, 37.5%, Caribbean.

Copeland Smugglers Reserve, 40%, Barbados & Ireland.

Copeland Smugglers Reserve, Bordeaux Grand Cru Rum, 42%, Barbados & Ireland.

Copeland Smugglers Reserve. Overproof Rum, 57.2%, Barbados & Ireland.

Couer Du Soliel, White Rum, 37.5%. Réunion

Crossbones Premium Dark Rum, 40%. Jamaica

Cut To The Smoke, 40%

Devil’s Point, Golden Aged Rum, 38%, Scottish.

Devil’s Point, Golden Rum, 38%, Scottish.

Dictador XO Insolent, 40%, Colombia

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, 40% , Venezuela

Duppy Share, Caribbean Rum, 40%. Jamaica & Barbados.

El Dorado 12 Year Old, 40%, Guyana

Flor De Cana, 18 Year Old, 40%, Nicaragua.

Fore Golden Irish Rum, 40%

Fore White Irish Rum, 40%

Four Bells Navy Rum, 40%, Guyana

Glen’s, White Rum, 37.5%, Scotland.

Goslings, 151 Proof, Bermuda Black Rum, 75.5%. Bermuda

Goslings, Black Seal, Bermuda Black Rum, 40%. Bermuda

Goslings, Gold Seal, Bermuda Gold Rum, 40%. Bermuda

Hampden Estate, 46°, Jamaica

Havana Club, 7, 40%. Cuba

Havana Club, Anejo Especial, 40%. Cuba

Havana Club, Anejo 3, White Rum, 40%, Cuba

Heytesbury Demerara Rum, 46%, Guyana

Íon Distillery, Whiskey Cask Spiced Rum, 43%. Ireland

JG Kinsey, White Rum, 37.5%. Caribbean.

J Gow, Fading Light, 43%. Scottish.

Killowen Dark Rum, 55%, Ireland.

Killowen Peated Dark Rum, 58.1%, Ireland.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum, 40%, Caribbean.

Lamb’s Navy Rum, 40%. Caribbean.

Langs Banana, 37.5%, Jamaica.

Liberté White Rum, 37.5%. Réunion.

Liverpool Rum, 16 Year Old, Single Cask Rum, 43%

Liv, Navy Strength Rum, 57.5%., Scottish.

Matugga. Golden Rum, 42%. Scottish.

Matugga, Mavuno Rum, 46%. Scottish.

Motorhead Premium Dark Rum, 40%, Dominican Republic

Mount Gay, Eclipse, 40%, Barbados.

Mount Gay, XO Triple Cask, 43%, Barbados.

Nardini Leone 70. 70%, Italy

Ninefold, Pure Single Rum, 40%, Scottish

Old Hopking, Dark Rum, 37.5%. Trinidad & Jamaica

Old Hopking, White Rum, 37.5%

OVD Demerara Dark Rum, 40%. Guyana

Pirate’s Grog, Aged Honduran Rum, 37.5%. Honduras

Pirate’s Grog, No 13, 40%. Honduras

Plantation, Single Cask 2009, 45%, Australian

Plantation, Stiggin’s Fancy Smoky Formula Rum, 40%, Carribean

Pott Rum 40, 40%

Pusser’s Rum, Blue Label, 40%, Guyana

Quinn’s Of Cookstown, Old Sailor Rum, 37.5%, Guyana

Renegade Rum, Dunfermline Column Still, Pre Cask, 50%, Grenada

Renegade Rum, Dunfermline Pot Still, Pre Cask, 50%, Grenada

Riviére Saint-Jean, Rhum Vieux, 6 Ans, 40%. Réunion

Ron Baraguá, Oak Aged Dark Rum, 37.5%. Dominican Republic

Ron Rumbero, 3 Años, 38%. Cuba

Ron Rumbero, 7 Años, 38%. Cuba

Ron Rumbero, Cream Liqueur with Rum, 15%. Cuba

Ron Rumbero, Spiced Spirit, 37.5%. Cuba

Ron Santero, Anejo 3, 38%. Cuba

Rumbarra, Orach, 42.3%. Caribbean.

Saison Barbados, 5 Year Old, 46%

Saison Pale Rum, 40%, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad.

Saison Reserve Rum, 43.5%, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad.

Saison Rum, 42%, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad.

Saison Sherry Cask, 42%, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad.

Saison Trinidad, 7 Year Old, 48%

Sea Dog, Old Jamaican Rum, 37.5%. Jamaica

Seawolf, White Rum, 41%. Scottish.

Sir Francis Drake, 6 Year Old, 40%. Panama

Stroh 60, 60%, Austria

Stroh 80, 80%, Austria

Sugar House, Scotch Bonnet, Spiced Rum, 47%, Scottish

Symphonia, Irish Apple Rum, 40%, Caribbean & Irish

Thomson’s Old Sailor Demerara Rum, 37.5%

Trois Rivieres, Blanc Rhum, 50%, Martinique.

Trois Rivieres, Cuvee de l’Ocean, 42%. Martinique.

Watson’s Trawler Rum, 40%, Barbados & Guyana.

Wild Geese, Golden Rum, 37.5%. Caribbean.

Wild Geese, Premium Rum, 40%. Caribbean.

Wray & Nephew, Overproof Rum, 63%. Jamaica


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