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Galway Bay Resin & Rye, American Barleywine, 10.7%

Now that the irrepressible social connector @SimonSaysBeer is off to pastures new I thought an homage to his former employers with this Resin & Rye American Barleywine was overdue.

That bready rye nose is evident on the frothy top.

For a barleywine – at least the ones I’m used to – its quite light on the palate.

I can get the old school hops – which pleases me – & makes me want to put some old skool bangin’ beats on the stereo.

Resin & Rye does get heavier on the finish.

It reminds me of flavours I used to enjoy when old skool music was current.

It wasn’t Simon says back then,

What Charly says went!


Galway Bay Brewery website here.

Simon has moved onto Four Corners here.


8 Degrees Brewing, Irish Oak Aged Barleywine, 12.2%

Well this is a first – barleywine aged in Irish Oak casks – along with some original Irish artwork too!

A deep rich sweet aroma greets the nose.

The sweetness is complimented by a touch of woody tannic spice on the palate which gently fades away on the long finish.

Pushing the boundaries of barleywine.

8 Degrees Brewing collaboration with Midleton Distillery has delivered some wonderful beer!


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