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Desperado Red, Cachaca, Gurana & Red Fruits Beer, 6%

I must be desperate to reach for Desperado Red again – but the labelling has changed.

Gone is the ‘Tequila’ of previous bottles – & in is ‘Cachaca’.

Confusingly the white neck label states ‘Cachaca Tequila’ & as one is made from sugarcane juice & the other blue agave – I’m not sure what’s actually in this concoction.

I do remember the Mexican Tequila authorities were taking Desperado owners Heineken to court over the use of ‘Tequila’ in the beer.

It appears they have won!

Old label

Desperado Red meanwhile – to me at least – remains like a heavily flavoured alcoholic lemonade.

But as it’s always on the shelves of my local stores – I notice these things.


My original Desperado Red blog here.

Tequila CRT take Heineken to court here.


Rum, The Epic Story Of The Drink That Conquered The World, Charles A Coulombe

Rum – the spirit that spanned the globe.

The depth, spread, longevity & diversity of rum through all it’s manifestations is chronicled in this entertaining book – along with cocktail recipes if you wish to indulge.

A book on Rum & a bottle of Rum c/othewhiskeynut

From the days of slavery, pirates & colonial might – to the globalization of rum brands today – and all points in between.

Why Cuban rum is not available in the US to how Haiti is still an undeveloped nation.

Clairin to CachaçaDemerara to dunder – it’s in here – along with an intriguing Newfoundland variation – Screech.

Politics, plunder, prohibition & popular music – rum has been central to them all.

Read all about Rum c/othewhiskeynut

Pour yourself a glass, sit down & enjoy the story.


Brazilian Tequila, A Journey Into The Interior, Augustus Young

My own journey into spirits based books took a bit of a stumble with this publication.

I found it more of a literary exploration of the customs, traditions & folklore of Brazil via a personal & rather introspective viewpoint making for a mystical – & at times magical – travel tale.

Cachaca – the spirit of Brazil c/othewhiskeynut

But there is no Brazilian Tequila.

Tequila is a geographically protected (GI) term for the spirit made in Mexico from the Agave plant.

Brazil has it’s own GI spirit – Cachaca – of which quite a lot is consumed by the characters of this tale.

The Brazilian Tequila in question arises as a joke by the doctor tasked to remove parasitic worms from the narrator’s feet.

Kind of takes ‘Experience Brazil’ to a new level.