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Thomson’s Old Sailor, Special Demerara Rum, 37.5%

Last summer we were touring the Borders Region with a nephew over from the States.

Having taken in the Shannon Pot – much to his amusement – a spot of lunch was in order.

Looking into Brexitland from a European Union Ireland

Dropping down into Blacklion on the Cavan/Fermanagh border we didn’t find a suitable eatery open so a short walk across the peaceful & picturesque Belcoo River took us out of the European Union & into the Brexitland of United Kingdom where the Customs House Hotel welcomed us in.

Being in a different jurisdiction often reveals an alternative array of spirits. Customs House didn’t disappoint in this regard offering a hitherto unknown rum to me in the shape of Thomson’s Old Sailor Demerara Rum.

In no short time a tot was poured to accompany our hearty meal.

The dark brown rum offered up a mix of sweet dark caramels entwined with an oaky element.

A smooth palate continued that woody influence & added up extra character & depth.

A flourish of tannic spice on the rear endeared this rum to me.

An easy & entertaining Demerara Rum that hit the right notes.

Demerara Rums usually hail from Guyana & Thomson’s appears to be made for United Wine Merchants Ltd.

United Wines are a large alcoholic drinks wholesalers operation based in Craigavon who have an eclectic array of drinks to satisfy all tastes.

I was extremely pleased to have encountered their Thomson’s Old Sailor Rum – & also fortunately having my UK bank card handy to purchase the enjoyable lunch in sterling!


Customs House website here.

United Wines website here.

Information on the Shannon Pot here.