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The Brollach, Single Malt, 46.45%

There was a highly unexpected & very pleasant surprise entry into the Irish Whiskey Awards 2021.

The Brollach.

Tasted blind in the Cask Strength category The Brollach scored well on my palate.

It shared joint 2nd – along with 2 other offerings.

Perhaps it’s 46.45% presentation gave it an advantage over higher strength whiskey where I often find the flavours blown away.

As it is the only thing that blew me away was the price – €5,500!


All images courtesy Craft Irish Whiskey Co


Irish Whiskey, Open for business?

A recent Business Post article highlighting a new player into the Irish Whiskey scene being criticized by a blogger & thereby allegedly losing a business deal struck me.


As a blogger myself I’m aware words can have consequences – & try to act accordingly.

When it comes to Irish Whiskey my ethos is very clear.

Proper Twelve c/othewhiskeynut

I’m welcoming of new players to the category.

It’s a sign of the buoyancy and renewed confidence of the scene that companies are not only attracted to it – but willing to spend time & money building it further too.

I also welcome each and every new bottle of Irish Whiskey to reach the shelves – & look forward to tasting them.

Irish Whiskey c/oBahaWhiskey

Sadly – this is not the case for others.

Over the years I’ve had disagreements with folks who think it fair game to critique, laugh at & generally abuse newcomers for a whole heap of reasons;

The poor label design, the wording, whether it’s sourced or single malt, the character behind the product, the name of the brand – the list can continue but you get the flavour.

Or rather not.

As in most of these cases the author hasn’t touched a drop of the whiskey.

They’ve judged by other parameters & imposed their personal views on the subject.

This sends out messages.

Rather than a hearty ‘Céad Mile Fáilte‘ it’s Father Jack sitting in the corner shouting ‘Feck Off‘ & grabbing the same old bottle of whiskey.

Hyde 10 Year Old Rum Cask c/o whiskeynut

It limits the diversity & scope of Irish Whiskey.

I believe it damages the category & will inhibit other players &

I think it reflects badly on Ireland’s reputation as a welcoming place.

This self appointed ‘community’ of commentators do not speak for me – and I reject their rather narrow & limited outlook of what Irish Whiskey should be.

I’m for an open, innovative & expanding Irish Whiskey category.

What are you for?