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H for Hungarian Whisky

World Whisky Day is fast approaching on Saturday the 19th May 2018.

As part of the build up I’m featuring a series of blogs – both old and new – over the next month focusing on a country from each letter of the alphabet – if possible – that makes whisky.

Today is H for Hungarian Whisky.

Originally posted October 2016.




Not a country normally associated with whisky production.

In 1956 the soviet tanks rolled in to crush a popular uprising..

The spirit in this bottle is dull and grey

A legacy of Stalinist oppression.


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PS. Since writing this blog it has come to my attention a bit of Irish/Hungarian co-operation regarding the supply of used casks to the Hungarian Distillery.

I look forward to tasting future releases.


Music & Whiskey to see out 2016.

Music is the backing track to my life story.

I associate certain songs with different periods in my life and hearing them again can often bring back memories.

Some of those musicians I enjoyed providing that backing track have sadly passed away in 2016 and are recorded below.

Some of the whiskey I enjoyed raising a toast to them is above.

1 David Bowie.  Track; Boys Keep Swinging

2 Prince Buster.  Track; One Step Beyond

3 Paul Kantner & Signe Toly Anderson,  Jefferson Airplane.  Track; White Rabbit

4 Pete Burns, Dead Or Alive.  Track; That’s The Way I Like It

5 Phife Dawg, A Tribe Called Quest.  Track; Can I Kick It?

6 Greg Lake, King Crimson. Track; 21st Century Schizoid Man

7 Bernie Worrell, Funkadelic.  Track; One Nation Under A Groove

8 Rick Parfitt, Status Quo.  Track; Caroline

9 Prince.  Track; Party Like It’s 1999

10 George Michael. Track; Young Guns

Who will you be raising a toast to?

Just remember when it comes to music – Death Is Not The End.

Although it shortly will be for 2016.


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Garvey’s, Galway.

You can’t miss Garvey‘s.

It’s a large 4 story building topped with a clock spire which displayed the same time at the start of my Galway Whiskey Trail Day as at the end.

The premises is situated in the Eastern corner of Eyre Square directly outside the train station which made it a logical choice as the starting pub for my adventure – considering I’d just left the warm seat of the Dublin service for a rather dank and dismal Galway day and was looking forward to my first warming whiskey.

With a little time to spare before the 10.30am opening time I popped into the local Centra for a bottle of water and some Rennie‘s – just in case – then took the plunge.

It did cross my mind that it was a wee bit early to be having a dram – but then I’d been planning this trip for some time – and it was the anniversary of prohibition of alcohol in America – and whiskey is my love – and didn’t Bill Drummond and the crew in KLF used to sing,

“What Time Is Love?”

My plan was to have the first whiskey as an Irish Coffee – made with the brand originally famed by it’s invention – Dunphy’s – but despite there being an extensive array of Midleton expressions – Dunphy’s wasn’t one of them.

Trust me for choosing the missing release in a bar that has over 50 whiskeys on offer!

Slightly thrown by this incident I quickly scanned the heaving display and settled on the unusually named Sheep Dip.

Previously having tasted the equally unusual Pig’s Nose from the Spencerfield Spirit Company I was intrigued to find out what it’s stablemate was made off. The answer was pretty decent stuff indeed! A rich malty blend with a satisfyingly strong taste and long finish. If anything – this surpassed my experience of Pig’s Nose.

DSCF5831 copy
Garvey’s bar with the black stuff and the uisce beatha c/othewhiskeynut

Sampling the whiskey allowed me to have a good look round the heavily wooded bar area. There were a few other customers present – even at this early hour. A gentleman in for a drop of the black stuff and a young american couple having breakfast after a day out on the Aran Islands.

At this juncture I’d just like a little time out for the demise of David Bowie.

And hope the young couple enjoyed their stay in Ireland.

Did I mention this Garvey’s was an hotel – complete with accommodation, restaurant and meals?  It also explained why I’d seen folks leaving the premises before opening time. As I’d made sure I had a hearty breakfast before I left home I didn’t order the Full Irish the visitors seemed to be enjoying.

DSCF5836 copy
Garvey’s sandwich board c/othewhiskeynut

Along with the expected food menu there was also a whiskey menu complete with tasting notes. Sadly it exclusively featured releases from Midleton and didn’t included the likes of Tullamore DEW – Bushmills – Teeling – Kilbeggan or Knappogue Castle as well as others – all of which were on the shelves. There were also American Bourbon’s and of course some Scotch – of which Sheep Dip is one.

A handy place to pop into on your way to or from the rail and bus stations which are just across the road. The staff were very warm and friendly to boot.

As Arnie says ” I’ll be back!”


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