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Dundalgan Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

The recently released diverse range from Dundalgan Whiskey have benefited from a fresh restyle – especially their standard blend.

Classic! c/othewhiskeynut

Sporting a classic red topped green bottle livery – the labelling proudly displays it’s West Cork Distillers origins & establishes an attractive uniformity to the series.

info c/othewhiskeynut

After being impressed by the IPA cask finished Dundalgan Single Malt – I thought I’d get back to basics with this ex-bourbon matured blend. Well – over 95% of Irish Whiskeys are blends – so says the Irish Whiskey 2010-2020 report.

Dundalgan in the Tuath c/othewhiskeynut

Golden brown in colour – a soft light honeyed nose greeted me.

Very easy on the palate – gentle vanillas & richer darker caramels gradually made their presence felt.

A frisson of tingly spice on the finish gave a lift to this elegantly simple sipper.

Punches beyond it’s pleasing price point!


Old Newry Irish Whiskey, Blend, 40%

Irish Whiskey is slowly regaining it’s former glory.

Part of this marvelous ‘restoration’ – as mentioned in the latest Drinks Ireland 2010 – 2020 report – is the establishment of regional & localised brands – as would have been common in the past.

Old Newry c/oMattD’Arcy&Co

Matt D’Arcy & Co of Newry have released this attractive Old Newry Irish Whiskey – along with a book chronicling the rich heritage of distilling & spirit bonding in the area.

Old pub sign still hanging. c/othewhiskeynut

An obligatory zoom meeting launched the publication & later I acquired some samples of Old Newry for tasting.

Old Newry Book c/oMattD’Arcy&Co

Reassuringly pale in colour, the nose exuded soft vanillas & deep rich caramel.

An easy & approachable palate developed a warm malty style of blend.

Samples c/othewhiskeynut

The long lasting finish exhibiting a tingling dry spiciness added a certain character to this delightful offering.

A marvelous whiskey to mark the restoration of distilling to Newry.


Thanks to the Matt D’Arcy facebook site for the use of the images.