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Pappagrappa Invecchiata, 40%

I did an internet search for Grappa in Lucca before travelling & one of the few things that came up was this Gelato Shop.

Handily situated near our accommodation close to Porta Elisa on the old walls made for a short excursion to enjoy some freshly made ice cream.

Housed in a bright, airy & colourful building with shaded outdoor seating we were warmly welcomed to a bewildering array of tasty gelato flavours to choose from. They do infuse grappa into the ice cream – but it’s a seasonal offering & wasn’t on the menu for our visit.

Nonetheless we all enjoyed our very flavourful selections sitting in the quiet courtyard.

Unexpectedly the server offered us a small taster of grappa to savour!

A relatively soft, mellow aroma of sweet fruitiness & hints of nuttiness greeted me.

A silky mouthfeel topped off with a gentle tannic spice rounded the experience up.

Very nice!

Turns out Pappagrappa market their own grappa in both aged & clear varieties!

A lovely little touch.

Luckily we promised to return before flying home as we were rewarded with a cioccolato e grappa gelato!


What a novel way to enjoy Italy’s own spirit!


Pappagrappa website here.

All photos authors own.