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8 Degrees Brewing, Irish Oak Aged Barleywine, 12.2%

Well this is a first – barleywine aged in Irish Oak casks – along with some original Irish artwork too!

A deep rich sweet aroma greets the nose.

The sweetness is complimented by a touch of woody tannic spice on the palate which gently fades away on the long finish.

Pushing the boundaries of barleywine.

8 Degrees Brewing collaboration with Midleton Distillery has delivered some wonderful beer!


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8 Degrees, Devil’s Ladder Belgian Tripel, Sherry Cask Aged, 11.5%

Very rich tasting.

Very moreish.

A mountain of a beer at 11.5%.

Devil’s Ladder c/othewhiskeynut

Part of 8 Degrees Brewing Irish Munro series – this beer’s casks are in turn used to age a whiskey creating the Crested Devil’s Ladder version.

Crested Devil’s Ladder c/oCelticWhiskeyShop

As both 8 Degrees & Crested are owned by Pernod Ricard – it’s great to see further developments from this partnership.

Enjoy them while you can!


X For Xanadu Whiskey

World Whisky Day is fast approaching on Saturday the 19th May 2018.

As part of the build up I’m featuring a series of blogs – both old and new – over the next month focusing on a country from each letter of the alphabet – if possible – that makes whisky.

Today is X for Xanadu.

As there are no countries listed under X by the Irish Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade I might as well join Olivia Newton John in the everlasting world of Xanadu!

I’m not sure what whiskeys would be served there.

The expression formerly known as Jameson Crested Ten – now simply reduced to Crested – has a bold X on the label.

Crested c/oocado

It has a more flavoursome appeal than the standard Jameson. Although it shares the same pot still & grain blended mix – a little bit more ageing combined with longer maturation in sherry casks adds to the drinking experience.

Perhaps the more robust character of James Eadie’s  recreated Trade Mark X would be better suited.

IMG_0740 email
X marks the spot! c/othewhiskeynut

I had the pleasure of sampling this fine blend at the inaugural Fife Whisky Festival and it certainly won me over with the boldness of the flavours combined with a healthy peat influence.

It’s part of a movement in Scotland to look to companies, distilleries & whiskies of the past and bring them to life in the present.

If they all taste as good as Trade Mark X – I’m all for it!

As for drinking whiskey whilst roller skating AND wearing some of those dodgy eighties fashion outfits EVEN if it’s with the delightful Olivia – I’m not sure.


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