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Birra In Italia

It wasn’t just Grappa I indulged in while in Italy – I also partook of a spot of beer drinking.

Beer drinking – specifically craft beer – is a minority pastime in Italy where the drink of choice is usually wine. However, there is a craft brewery operating in Lucca by the name of Brúton & a cafe in the central square happened to serve Stoner – their strong golden ale – or ‘double malt’ as the waiter said.

It was grand sitting there watching the world go by on a sunny afternoon enjoying the brew – but it didn’t win me over. Perhaps I’ve just been spoilt with all the great beers near to me in the Heart of Ireland?

Undeterred a daytrip to Pisa to climb the tower – well I had to do something touristy – found us later savouring a very tasty meal washed down by a rather unusually named lager from Sardinia.

Turns out Ichnusa is part of the Heineken group but possessed a more malty taste than their self-titled lager.

There is an Italian Craft Beer hostelry in Lucca by the name of De Cervesia & we ended up in one of their 2 establishments later that evening.

I did try their interpretation of a Scotch Ale called Momus – but it didn’t bring back memories of imbibing 70 Shillings in Edinburgh all those years ago.

At De Cervesia’s other venue a Real Lager was tried.

Followed by a Gose from Rome which certainly hit the spot!

A fresh sourness interspersed with soft tingling spice.


De Cervesia have around 300 different Italian beers in stock & this one just hit my sweet spot!

A trip to the windy beach in Viareggio offered up a rather generic lager by the name of Menabrea.

And a cafe stop had the intriguingly named Ceres Strong Ale which tasted fine – but is actually a Danish offering!

My last beer in Lucca happened to be Brúton’s Golden Ale.

Which went down very well on out last afternoon of the trip.


Report into alcohol consumption in Italy here.

De Cervasia Lucca website here.

Birra Brúton website here.

Ritual Lab Gose website here.


X-Mark, Gold Rum Beer, 5.9%

Rather than bother with the hassle of barrel ageing – X-Mark simply throw some of the flavouring agent into the mix.

X didn’t hit the spot. c/othewhiskeynut

You certainly get the hint of rum from this concoction – but it’s like drinking an ordinary lager with a dash of rum on top.

Ingredients c/othewhiskeynut

Other than the novelty – I don’t think I’ll be indulging again.


Galway Bay, Märzen To The Fire, 5.5%

Smoke isn’t exclusively either peat – nor restricted to whiskey.

The fuel used to dry the barley – or other grains – imparts a wide variety of flavours to the resultant beverage.

2 (1 of 1)
Smokin’ c/othewhiskeynut

For this Galway Bay Märzen – a popular style of German lager – beechwood is the choice.

I was keen to sample the results.

2 (1 of 1)-3
Beechwood smoked. c/othewhiskeynut

There’s an element of trompe l’oeil going on here.

You expect a dark, heavy ale – but get a light, refreshing lager overlaid with a soft, attractive wood fired smokiness.

2 (1 of 1)-4
Ingredients c/othewhiskeynut

An excellent accompaniment to those lazy sunny afternoon BBQ’s.


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Rascals, Barrel Aged Old Fashioned, Blonde Ale, 6.3%

This is a barrel aged beer with a bit of a twist.

To begin with – it’s a blonde ale.

Most barrel aged beers tend to be porters, dark ales or otherwise ‘heavies’.

But the real twist of this Rascals brewed ale in collaboration with Dubliner Irish Whiskey is – well – it’s orange!

Both in colour,

2 (1 of 1)-3
An orange twist! c/othewhiskeynut

And taste.

A bright, refreshingly zesty blood orange aroma greeted me on first acquaintance – shortly followed by a biscuity malty base on the palate – all wrapped up in a delightfully lagery mouthfeel.

2 (1 of 1)-2
Beer info c/othewhiskeynut

It’s a twist I really enjoyed.

Best served lightly chilled.


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