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Púca Irish Whiskey Mint Julep & Whiskey Mule, 5%

You can’t keep the Púca down!

Aldi’s exclusive Irish Whiskey brand has risen again as a pair of Pre Mixed Drinks – otherwise known as RTD’s, Ready To Drink.

The RTD market is growing fast so it’s great to see Blackwater Distillery venture into this arena.

I can’t say it would be my cup of tea – but I’m willing to sample what all the fuss is about.

Púca Irish Whiskey Mint Julep, 5%

A very pale coloured fizzy offering.

Definitely getting the mint influence – but struggling to pick up any whiskey elements out of the lemonade-y fizz.

Púca Irish Whiskey Mule, 5%

Pours like a fizzy whiskey – golden brown.

Deeper, darker aroma & taste. I do like a ginger ale myself but found the expected punch a bit muted & again – more lemonade like.


Ermmm – this is not how I enjoy my whiskey.

I’m so far off the demographics for these kind of drinks my palate is giving out to me.

When you actually love the taste, flavour & warm feeling experienced with whiskey – these RTD just leave me cold.

Púca Irish Whiskey c/o@WhiskeyPundit

I’ll stick to my Púca Irish Whiskey neat in future!


Spirits Business report into RTD growth here.