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Kweichow Moutai Prince, 53%, Baijiu

It’s World Baijiu Day on August 9th.

My journey to baijiu took a long road.

The first steps were probably progressing from large volume generic lager to flavoursome craft beers – then moving beyond easily available whiskey to seek out new & unusual styles & tastes.

Along the way fellow imbibers gave recommendations. Like a young couple from China suggested at an AllTech Craft Brew Fair a few years ago.

Impressed they had travelled to Dublin to explore our whiskey – they in return suggested I explore their spirit – baijiu.

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Kweichow Moutai @ Alltech 2019 c/othewhiskeynut

My chance came at a following AllTech Fair. Kweichow had a stall.

Very sleek,

Very classy,

Very professional.

I can’t say their ‘Feitian’ Moutai blew me away at the time – although certainly intriguing. The cost meanwhile at around €220 was a bit of a barrier & didn’t elicit further investigation.

For a spirit that’s the most consumed in the world – there had to be other offerings.

Asia Market in Dublin sold a handy 100ml bottle of baijiu at an affordable price – so I went for it.

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JXB S100 Baijiu c/othewhiskeynut

JXB S100 proved suitably entertaining – so I moved up to the next option – Kweichow Moutai Prince.

At €55 for 500ml – it’s not exactly cheap – but it comes with an impressive back story of heritage, culture and an astounding sales record. Oh – I’ve also paid more for whiskey.

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Moutai Prince c/othewhiskeynut

The packaging is very attractive – a garish outer box complete with a stylish ceramic bottle.

When poured the liquid is clear & colourless with thick oily legs.

It’s immediately apparent Kweichow Prince has a far more distinctively aromatic appeal. There’s a hint of sweetness & a strong savoury note going on too. Certainly in marked contrast to the whiskeys I enjoy.

The palate is pleasingly smooth with a wholesome mouthfeel. More of those vegetal savoury notes come through. I found them quite pronounced, earthy & possessing an unusual solidity to them.

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Back label c/othewhiskeynut

Very entertaining.

The 53% ABV added a prickliness on the rear – which didn’t detract from those bold flavours dancing away on the long finish.

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Importers c/othewhiskeynut

I’m pleased my spirit of adventure has taken me on this journey of discovery.

Wherever you are.

Happy World Baijiu Day!

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