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Proper Twelve Take Over

Punk was the first musical genre I identified with.

It stuck 2 fingers up to the establishment, challenged perceived ideas, was loud, raucous, full of energy & it spoke to me.

Conor’s Proper Twelve exhibits similar properties.

It’s whiskey for the jilted generation.

A generation that cannot afford to live in the areas they were brought up in.

A generation that exists on zero hours contracts & the instability of the gig economy.

A generation that feels let down, left behind & abandoned by the establishment.

Proper Twelve gives a voice to that generation in however a confused, chaotic & contradictory manner it portrays.

Conor’s Proper Twelve has connected with it’s consumers in a way no other whiskey has precisely because Conor is the living embodiment of that generation.

Within him both their dreams & aspirations, nightmares & scandals are laid bare.

A terrible beauty indeed.

I wish Becle future success with their recent acquisition.