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Bundaberg Root Beer, 0%

Bundaberg are an Australian brand.

I’ve previously encountered their Ginger Beer – which I enjoyed – but hadn’t tried this Root Beer before so was tempted on spotting it in my local supermarket.

There’s a lot of ingredients on the back label – so how does it taste?

The colour looks like a dark stout – courtesy added caramel.

The nose – to me anyway – is quite artificial.

Light carbonation with a sweet dark cherry thing going on. A bit unusual to my tastes.

Makes for an alternative style of soft drink – despite it being labelled a beer – but I think I’ll stick to the ginger variety myself.


Bundaberg Brewed Drinks website here.

There’s also a Bundaberg Rum site here.


Saoirse, Rum Alternative, 0%

Non alcoholic drinks are expanding at a rapid rate.

It’s always good to see an Irish Distillery – Old Carrick Mill Distillery in this case – get in on the act. Especially when offered at an attractive price in Aldi too!

Saoirse means freedom in Irish – yet the nose offered up a pleasant sweet fruity fragrance.

A tad watery on the palate – similar to other non-alcoholic spirits – that lacked body & depth.

Sadly the finish faded rather quickly too. Leaving little taste or flavour behind.

Perhaps these kind of drinks are more suited for cocktails – which aren’t my thing.

A pleasant nose, an attractive bottle & affordable price still don’t compensate for a rather weak drinking experience – but then I’m not really the target audience.

A worthy entrant to the non-alcoholic category.


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