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Rum, The Epic Story Of The Drink That Conquered The World, Charles A Coulombe

Rum – the spirit that spanned the globe.

The depth, spread, longevity & diversity of rum through all it’s manifestations is chronicled in this entertaining book – along with cocktail recipes if you wish to indulge.

A book on Rum & a bottle of Rum c/othewhiskeynut

From the days of slavery, pirates & colonial might – to the globalization of rum brands today – and all points in between.

Why Cuban rum is not available in the US to how Haiti is still an undeveloped nation.

Clairin to CachaçaDemerara to dunder – it’s in here – along with an intriguing Newfoundland variation – Screech.

Politics, plunder, prohibition & popular music – rum has been central to them all.

Read all about Rum c/othewhiskeynut

Pour yourself a glass, sit down & enjoy the story.



Sea Dog, Dark Rum, 37.5%

Fine Old Jamaican Rum‘ it says on the label.

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! c/othewhiskeynut

And yet I’m struggling with it.

It takes me back to the days before anti skid brakes were a thing.

On emergency stopping with a truck & trailer, it was common to lock all the trailer wheels keeping an eye on which way it would swing before pumping the brakes to keep on line.

This released copious amounts of white smoke – burning rubber – which is what I got from Sea Dog Dark Rum.

Now I know Jamaican Rum is renowned for it’s funkiness – described by Alexandre Gabriel, Master Blender for Plantation Rum as ‘overripe banana, overripe tropical fruit, meaty gaminess and green pineapple’ in an article here – but I just get flash backs and the acrid smell of a pile up on the M1 motorway.

Old Sea Dog is as ubiquitous in Ireland as OVD is in Scotland.

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Pirate’s rum c/othewhiskeynut

Both brands have cornered their markets far better than that unfortunate driver back on the M1.


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