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Innis & Gunn, Caribbean Rum Cask, Scottish Red Beer, 6.8%

Innis & Gunn were one of the first beer companies I encountered using barrel ageing to give additional flavours to their brews.

This Caribbean Rum Cask is the latest I picked up in a local Co-op on my Scottish travels.

It’s slightly unusual in using Red Beer as the donor brew rather than the commoner stouts normally found.

I do like the neck collar motif proudly displaying ‘Aged 51 Days‘.

There’s a lovely foamy head on pouring.

I’m getting a dark, rich malty aroma.

The palate is almost luxurious – sweet & heavy.

Suits my tastes.

Another nice one from Innis & Gunn!

Innis & Gunn website here.

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Grace O’Malley Rum Cask, 42%, Blend

Grace O’Malley Irish Whiskey burst onto the scene a few years ago with their bold imagery re-energising & modernising the Pirate Queen the whiskey is named after.

Being blenders, bonders & independent bottlers, Grace O’Malley can stock barrels from any number of Irish Whiskey Distilleries & use them to create their own unique style.

I still have remnants of their Dark Char & Rum Cask – which you can read about here – but it’s the newly released Rum Cask I’m focusing on today.

Courtesy Celtic Whiskey Shop

First thing I notice is the pale colour – reassuring perhaps of no added colour?

A rich dark sweetness on the aroma – rum wine gums anyone?

Smooth, sweet & deliciously mouth coating on the palate.

A gorgeous growing frisson of warm spice – getting nutmeg & cinnamon – on the finish with just a hint of funky depth to top things off.

An engaging little number from the Grace O’Malley fleet.


DOT Brew Batch IV, Barrel Aged Rum Red Dark, 8.9%

It’s not only whiskey that’s exploring different varieties of barrel ageing – the craft beer world is too!

DOT BatchIV c/othewhiskeynut

DOT Brew excel in barrel ageing.

This Red Ale has been aged in used Irish Whiskey barrels that previously held rum.

Label info c/othewhiskeynut

Pours a lovely dark ruby red with a decent head.

Rich sweet dark caramel nose.

Quite a welcoming heavy molassey palate – very engaging.

All topped off with a winter warming hug of rum.

8.9% enjoyment! c/othewhiskeynut



Sailor’s Home, The Journey, 43%, Blended Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey is experiencing unprecedented growth with new bottles & brands appearing all the time.

One that caught my eye was Sailor’s Home – a Limerick based brand recalling the city’s rich maritime connections.

Welcome home! c/othewhiskeynut

It also led me down memory lane.

Some of my formative years were spent sailing the seven seas crewing ocean going vessels.

Mid Ocean c/othewhiskeynut

The ship was your home for the duration of the voyage – yet it was constantly on a journey – a never ending journey for me – seeking out new whiskeys to explore.

Detail c/othewhiskeynut

Beautifully presented in an attractive bottle with lovely detailed touches. The Journey has been matured in virgin oak, ex-bourbon & the seafarers favourite – rum barrels.

Explorer’s Spirit c/othewhiskeynut

A dark caramel front sweeps over the fresh & engaging first nosing.

Waves of warmth embrace the palate in a silky coating.

Prickly peppery spice, bright vanillas & subtle suggestions of rum funk set a course to the finish leaving a dry yet lip smacking experience.

It’s a journey I’d happily explore again!

I raise a glass of Sailor’s Home to all the seafarers that didn’t return.

MV Derbyshire c/oLiverpoolMuseums.org

In particular those aboard MV Derbyshire – a newer & larger bulk carrier sister ship to the one I happened to be on half way across the Atlantic when news of the tragedy came through.

May all your journeys lead you home.


Púca Irish Whiskey, 40%, Blend

Púca in Irish mythology are mischievous spirits that appear in a variety of disguises – often horses – & can shape shift to confuse their quarry.

Púca Irish Whiskey c/o@WhiskeyPundit

Whiskey is also a bit of a shape shifter.

Starting off as raw grains – barley & corn in this instance – grown in fields. Adding water & yeast, brewing, distilling & maturing. The solid grains are transformed into an aromatic brown alcoholic liquid.

The aromas emanating from Púca Irish Whiskey were particularly attractive.

Reflecting both the raw ingredients – a fresh sweet lightness from the corn – plus the cask influence – a lovely rich rummy nose full of dark caramels from the ex-rum & stout barrels used.

Last one on the shelf! c/othewhiskeynut

The palate is silky smooth with a wholesome mouthfeel. A touch of spice breaking through. The peppery spice slowly grows in strength giving a gorgeously prickly experience to the long lasting finish.

A lively & characterful blend!

There’s another similarity with the elusive púca spirits.

Aldi ad c/oAldi

Despite being available in Aldi for the excellent price of €25 – Púca Irish Whiskey didn’t appear on the date advertised. By the time I was informed they’d arrived – none were left on the shelves!

Luckily a sample swap was procured!

If you’re after Púca Irish Whiskey you’d better be quick – it’s a joyous encounter when you do!


Headline image courtesy Blackwater Distillery