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Tequila, Terroir & Geographical Indicators

A recent post highlighting an Australian Agave Project caught my attention lately.

Courtesy Twitter Post

Being a fan of Tequila & Mezcal – both Geographical Indicator protected terms specific to Mexico – I was intrigued to hear of an Australian company growing agave with the intention of releasing an agave spirit.

Whilst researching for my Whisky In Africa blog I also happened to come across a distillery in South Africa already marketing a Karoo Agave drink.

Courtesy Twitter Post

Both of these companies immediately attracted my attention.

Neither of them can use the terms ‘Tequila’ or ‘Mezcal’ – but that is essentially what they are making.

Using agave plants – which can be grown outside of Mexico – to make the spirits using similar techniques the results would make for a very interesting tasting.

Would you be able to discern the difference between the 3 drinks?

I’d certainly love to try them!

What about you?


Explanation of what a Geographical Indicator is from World Intellectual Property Organisation website here.

Act Of Treason website here.

Leonista Agave website here.

Whisky In Africa blog here.

Header image courtesy Australian Agave Project.


Whisky In Africa

Africa is often seen as a growing & untapped market for western based whisky companies to expand into.

Of far more interest to me is the emergence of an indigenous whisky industry within the continent itself to cater for it’s own citizens.

Three Ships c/othewhiskeynut

Bain’s/Three Ships Whisky from South Africa might be the only brand available in Ireland – and very nice it was too when I found it in Dick Mac’s – but a quick internet search reveals a few others.

Qualito Craft Distillery – also in South Africa – have a Limpopo Reserve Whisky.

Image courtesy Qualito

Rather than try to imitate Scotch – Limpopo Whisky proudly displays it’s origins in the name.

Helden Whisky are due to release a whisky that I’d love to try – African Bonfire Whisky.

Image courtesy Helden Distillery

I just love smoky flavours & the inclusion of African influences gives a degree of terroir to the table.

Further North in Nigeria there is a large market for whisky.

I’ve tried a few of their local brands over the years but mostly they appear to use imported Indian Whisky.

Eastern Distillers seem to have bucked that trend however with Whisky Elegamon.

Image courtesy Eastern Distillers

Have yet to try it out.

A country I didn’t expect to find a whisky distillery in was Ethiopia.

Image courtesy National Alcohol & Liquor Factory

An anecdotal conversation recently suggested there is a new distillery being set up – but an internet search revealed a Black Deer Whisky already being marketed in Addis Ababa on behalf of the National Alcohol & Liquor Factory.

If you’re looking some distillery tours Tripadvisor list numerous sites within South Africa offering, whisky, gin, rum & vodka to suit all tastes.

Now if I won the lotto – I’d be very tempted to explore the exciting flavours & scenery on show!

Irish Whiskey targets Africa for growth article here.

Bain’s/Three Ships Distillery website here.

Qualito Craft Distillery website here.

Helden Distillery website here.

Eastern Distillers website here.

National Alcohol & Liquor Company website here.

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