World Tasting List

This is an ongoing list of world whiskeys I’ve sampled – partly to remind myself – partly to show what variety is out there – and partly to identify what expressions I’ve yet to try!

Hopefully the links will guide you back to the relevant blog and/or website.

Countries and expressions in alphabetical order – not by deliciousness!


Whiskey Nut

American Whiskey 

1792 Bourbon, Small Batch, 46.9%. Fabulous high rye bourbon.

Angels Envy Bourbon, 43.3%

Appalachian Gap, Kaffekask, 44%. Coffee filtered bourbon. Interesting but too sweet for me.

Appalachian Gap, Snowfall, Bourbon, 54%

Balcones Texas Single Malt Whiskey, 53%

Belle Meade Bourbon Madeira Cask, 45.2%

Blantons Straight From The Barrel, Bourbon, 65.4%. Powerful & spicy.

Buffalo Trace, 40%

Buffalo Trace, White Dog, Rye Mash, 62.5% Powerful dry spice.

Bulliet Rye 45%

Clarke’s, Straight Kentucky Bourbon, 40%. An Aldi brand but tastes fine.

Corsair Triple Smoke, Single Barrel, Single Malt, 62.7%

Cougar 5 Year Old Bourbon, 37%. Distilled in America, bottled in Australia.

Dry Fly, Cask Strength Wheat Whiskey, 60%

Dry Fly, Port Finished Wheat Whiskey, 43%. Interesting if too sweet for me.

Dry Fly, Triticale Whiskey, 44%. Made with a hybrid rye and wheat grain. Smooth oily with a spicy rye like finish.

FEW, Bourbon, 46.5%

FEW, Rye Whiskey, 46.5%. Tasty.

Four Roses Bourbon, 40%.

George Dickel Old No. 8, 40%. A lovely spicy finish.

High West Rendezvous Rye, 46%

Hudson Baby Bourbon, 46%. If only all bourbon was this good!

Hudson Manhattan Rye, 46%

Jack Daniels, Old No 7, 40%

Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack, 40%. A step up from Old No 7.

Jack Daniels, No. 27 Gold, 40%. A lovely bourbon.

Jack Daniels, Sinatra Select, 45%.

Jack Daniels, Single Barrel, 45%. Spirity, complex & spicy.

Jim Beam Black, 43% Nice

Jim Beam, Double Oak, 43%. Nice.

Jim Beam Rye, 37%. Lovely spice finish.

Jim Beam Signature Craft, 12 Year Old, 43%

Jim Beam White Label, 40%

John E Fitzgerald, Larceny, 46%

Kings County, Bourbon, 45%

Kings County, Peated Bourbon, 45%

Kings County, Moonshine, 40%

Kings County, Spiced Whiskey, 40%

Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon, 50%. Nice high rye bourbon.

Knob Creek Small Batch Rye, 50%

Lyon, New Make, 50%. 100% corn.

Lyon, Rye, 50%. A soft & pleasant rye.

Makers Mark, Bourbon, 45%

Makers 46 Bourbon, 47%. A step up from the standard Makers.

Michters, American Whiskey, 41.7%

Michters, Bourbon, 45.7%

Michters, Rye, 42.4%

Michters, Sour Mash, 43%

Old Forester 86 Proof Bourbon, 43%

Old Samuel, Blended Bourbon, 40%. A Tesco brand.

Pearse Lyon’s Reserve, Single Malt,40%, A smooth warm whiskey from Alltech

Pikesville Supreme Straight Rye Whiskey, 40%. A soft approachable rye.

Ransom, Emerald, Straight Whiskey, 43.8%

Rittenhouse Straight Rye, 40%, A pleasing rye from Heaven Hill

Russell’s Reserve Rye, 6 Year Old, 45%

Sazerac Rye, 45%

Seagram’s 7 Crown, American Blended Whiskey, 40%. Soft & sweet.

Sagamore Rye, 41.5%

Town Branch Rye, 50%, A pleasing rye from Alltech.

Van Brunt Stillhouse American Whiskey, 40%

Van Brunt Stillhouse Bourbon, 42%

Van Brunt Stillhouse Rye, 40%

Van Brunt Stillhouse Single Malt, 42%

Van Brunt Stillhouse,  Moonshine, 45%

Whistle Pig 10 Year Old, Rye, 50%.

Widow Jane, Baby Jane, Bourbon, 45.5%

Widow Jane, Bloody Butcher, Bourbon, 45.5%

Widow Jane, Bloody Butcher, High Rye Bourbon, 45.5%. Better with dry rye spice.

Widow Jane, Chocolate Malt, 45.5%. Too toffee sweet for me.

Widow Jane, Hopi Blue, Bourbon, 45.5%. Named after corn variety used.

Widow Jane, Rye Mash, American Oak, 45.5%

Widow Jane, Rye Mask, Oak And Apple Wood, 45.5%

Widow Jane, Straight Bourbon, 10 Year Old, 45.5%

Widow Jane, Wapsie Valley, Bourbon, 45.5%

Widow Jane, Wapsie Valley, High Rye Bourbon, 45.5%

Wild Turkey 101, 8 Year Old, 50.5%, Smooth & sweet with warm finish.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed, 54.1%, Dangerously smooth for it’s strength!

Wild Turkey, Rye, 40.5%

Woodford Reserve, Bourbon, 43.2% At last – a bourbon I actually like!

Australian Whisky

Bakery Hill, Classic Malt, Single Malt, 46%

Bakery Hill, Peated Malt, Single Malt, 46%. Lovely smoky dram.

Belgrove Peated Rye, 42%. Softly smoked rye.

Belgrove Pinot Noir Rye Cask, 63.4%

Belgrove Rye Whiskey, 43.5%

Belgrove White Rye, 40%

Black Gate Whisky, Sherry Cask, BG 004, 50%

Cradle Mountain 17 Year Old Single Malt, 43%. Beautifully rich and complex dram.

Heartwood, The Revalation, Single Malt, Cask Strength, 62.5%

Hellyers Rd, Peated Single Malt, 46.2%

Hellyers Rd, 10 Year Old Single Malt, 46.2%

Hellyers Rd, 12 Year Old Single Malt, 46.2%

Iniquity, Single Malt, Batch 004, 46%

Lark Cask Strength, Single Malt, 58%

Lark Classic Cask, Single Malt, 43%

Lark Port Cask, Single Malt, 58%.  Powerful

Limeburners, Single Malt, Port Cask, 43%

Mackey Single Malt, No. 3 cask, 49%. Port finish. Lovely rich and smooth.

Nant, American Oak, Single Malt, 43%

Nant, Bourbon Cask, Single Malt, 43%

Nant, Port Cask, Single Malt, 43%

Nant, Sherry Cask, Single Malt, 43%

Overeem, Sherry Cask, Single Malt, 43%

Raymond B, 100% Corn, 40%. Too sweet for my tastes.

Redlands, The Old Stable, Single Malt, French Port Cask, 46%

Southern Coast Port Cask, Single Malt, 50%. Stunning. From the Odd Whisky Co.

Southern Coast PX Cask, Single Malt, 50%. Wow

Starward, New World Projects, Project X, 3 Year Old White Whisky, 42.1%

Starward, New World Projects, Vintage Cellars, Pedro Ximinez Cask, 48%

Starward Solera, 43%

Starward Wine Cask, 41%

Sullivans Cove, American Oak, 47.5%

Sullivans Cove, Double Cask, 40%

Sullivans Cove, French Cask, 47.5%

Timboon, Single Malt, Port Expression, 40%. Lovely.

Australian / New Zealand

Diggers & Ditch, Double Malt, Blend, 45%. Tasmanian and Dunedin whisky blended together.

Austrian Whiskey

Brexit Whiskey, No Single Malt, 43.3%.  Yes!

Belgian Whisky

Sunken Still Belgian Rye, 45%.

The Belgian Owl, Single Malt, 46%

Brazilian Whisky

Wall Street, Blended Whisky, 38%. Sweet & smooth.

British Whisky

The One, Blend, 40%

The One, Port Cask, Blend, 40%

The One, Sherry Cask, Blend, 40%

Canadian Whisky

Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old, Blend, 40%.

Canadian Club Classic Small Batch 12 Year Old, Blend, 40%. A re-label & re-recipe of the above?

Canadian Club Original 1858, Blend, 40%

Crown Royal DeLuxe, Blend, 40%. Lovely.

Lot 40, Rye, 43%

Wiser’s DeLuxe, Blend, 40%

Wiser’s Legacy, Blend, 45%. At last! A Canadian Whisky I actually like.

Chinese Whiskey

Goalong Liquor Special Small Batch Whiskey, Blend, 40%

Czech Whisky

Hammerhead, 23 Year Old, Single Malt, 40.7%. Fabulous story & lovely malt.

English Whisky

Cotswolds Single Malt, 46%. Lovely

Finnish Whisky

Teerenpeli Rasi, Single Malt, 43%. Nice.

French Whisky

Bastille 1789 Whisky, Single Malt, 43%. Revolutionary!

Black Mountain Fumées,  Blend, 45%. Smoky & sweet & tasty.

Guillon, Cuvee 46, Single Malt, 40%

Guillon, Champagne Whisky, Single Malt,  43%

Moon Harbour, Pier 1, Premium Blended Whisky, 45.8%

Roof Rye, 43%. Fabulous.

German Whisky

Coillmor Single Malt, 4 yo, American Oak, 43%

Eschenbrenner Edition 2, Single Cask Malt, Charlie, 44.4%

Eschenbrenner Edition 2, Single Cask Malt, Small Pete, 44.4%

Eschenbrenner Edition 2, Single Cask Malt, Spessart Amber, 44.4

Glen Els Sherry Cask, 45.9%%

Slyrs Single Malt, 3 yo, 43%

Spreewalder Sloupisti Single Malt, 40%

Hungarian Whisky

Bekesi Single Barrel, Single Malt, 12 Year Old, 43% Tastes of Stalinist oppression.

Icelandic Whisky

Floki, Young Malt, 47%. New make whisky, needs maturing. Interesting.

Indian whisky

Amrut Fusion, 50%

Amrut Peated Single Malt, 46%

Amrut Single Malt, 46%

McDowell’s No 1, Blend, 42.8%

Paul John, Bold, Single Malt, 46%. More peat.

Paul John, Brilliance, Single Malt, 46%

Paul John, Edited, Single Malt, 46%. Softly peated.

Paul John, Peated Select Cask, 55.5%. Powerful peat.

Paul John, Single Cask, 59.5%

Royal Circle Premium Whisky, Blend, 42.8%

Royal Stag, Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Blend, 42.8%. Sweet and warm.

Italian Whisky

Puni Alba, Single Malt, 43%. Fabulous young & fresh dram!

Japanese Whisky

Hibiki Harmony, Blend, 43%.

Nikka, 12 Year Old, Blend, 43%

Nikka All Malt, Blended Malt, 40%.Lovely peated malt.

Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey, 43%

Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky, 45%. Lovely

Nikka. Pure Malt, Blend, 43%

Nikka, Taketsuru 12 Pure Malt, Blend, 40%. Nice!

Yamazaki 12 Year Old, Single Malt, 43%.

White Oak, Akashi Blend, 40%. Bland.

White Oak, Tokinoka Blend, 40%. Enjoyable.

Spanish Whisky

DYC Selected Blend, 40%

DYC 12 yo Single Malt, 40%

Swedish Whisky

Box – or now High Coast – 2nd Step Collection 03, Single Malt, 51.3%. Wow

Hven, Seven Stars No 3 Phecda, Single Malt, 45%. Stunning.

Hven, Tycho’s Star, Single Malt, 41.8%

Mackmyra, First Edition, Single Malt, 46.1%

Mackmyra Reserve, Single Cask, Private Bottling, 58.2%. Amazing.

Mackmyra, Svensk Ek, Single Malt, 46.1%

Tiawanese Whisky

Kavalan Podium, Single Malt, 46%

Kavalan Port Cask Finish, Single Malt, 40%. Nice

King Car Whisky, Single Malt, 46%

Vietnamese Whisky

Wall Street, Blended Spirit, 39%

Welsh Whisky

Penderyn, Icon Of Wales Red Flag, Single Malt, 41%

Penderyn, Rich Oak, Single Malt, 50.5%


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