A Drink With The Neighbours

Over the course of the festive season it’s customary in our little street to exchange Christmas cards with the neighbours.

Unlike the Aussie soap of the same name – we do not have affairs with each other nor bicker nor fight – we actually get along just fine and look out for each other.

I was despatched by the better half to drop round some cards one evening. I popped the first few through the letterboxes and was about to do the same with the last one when the door opened.

” Ah hello there, Merry Xmas to ya, I’m just dropping off a card for you.”

” Many thanks, Merry Xmas to yerself, you’ll be having a drink?”

And so I was invited in for a bit of the hard stuff.

Jameson from Midleton c/o thewhiskeynut

We started off on the ubiquitous Jameson.

A light, smooth mellow blend which is the biggest selling Irish whiskey by far. I learned that this was the drink of choice for some neighbours who always have a bottle at hand.

Conversation flowed as smoothly as the whiskey and on we chatted.

Further whiskeys were produced.

DSCF5720 email
Clontarf 10 yo Signature Release from Castle Brands c/o thewhiskeynut

A Clontarf 10 Year Old blend care of the local Aldi was politely refused – after all I’d only just finished mine a few weeks before mainly through the medium of hot whiskeys to fend of a cold I’d picked up!

“There is another bottle I have somewhere the lads enjoy drinking”

A well drunk bottle of Dark Rum Finish BenRiach was produced.

BenRiach Dark Rum
BenRiach Drak Rum Finish c/o almada-vini.com

46% non-chill filtered 15 year old single malt – from a well respected Speyside distillery who produce a wide array of wood finished expressions – now this was something to get to grips with.

On the nose the rum was fairly soft – but recognisably there.

On drinking a little – the lovely smooth liquid warmed the mouth leading to a  long gently lingering finish heavily accented by the rum.


” No wonder the lads nearly finished off  this bottle”

We were all set to beat the lads to it when my phone went.

” Where are ya?  2 hours to drop off some cards?  There’s more to be done yet.”

Ah well – it was an enjoyable time. My neighbour also had other engagements to make.

So we had another dram.

Marvelled at the fine taste of the whisky.

Wished each other good health,

and went on our ways.


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