Scottish Tasting List

An ongoing page listing the Scottish Whiskies I’ve sampled.

Big Brand Blends

100 Pipers, 40%. Softly smoky.

808 Whisky, 40%, blended grain

Ardbrachan Triple Oak, Blended Malt, 42%. Tasty one from Lidl.

Art Of The Blend, No 1, 43%.

Art Of The Blend, No 2, 43%.

Art Of The Blend, No 3, 43%

Art Of The Blend, No 4, 51%

Ballantine’s Finest, 40%. Jim Murray rates this brand – I can see why

Black Bottle, Blend, 40%

Black & White, 40%

Chivas Regal, 12 Year Old, Blend, 40%

Chivas Regal, 18 Year Old, Blend, 40%

Clan Campbell, 40%

Co-op Blended Scotch Whiskey, 3 Year Old, 40%.

Co-op, 8 Year Old Pure Malt, 40%. A soft own label blended malt.

Cutty Sark, 40%

Cutty Sark, 43%

Dimple 15 Year Old, 40%

Glen Orchy, 5 Year Old, Blend, 40%. A Lidl brand.

Grant’s Family Reserve, 40%

Grant’s Sherry Cask Reserve, 40%.

Grouse, Black, 40% Peatier than Famous Grouse.

Grouse, Famous, 40%

Haig Club, Single Grain, 40%

Haig Gold Label, 40%. The original and oldest blend about.

Highland Earl, Special Reserve, 40%. Pleasant peated sipper.

High Commissioner, 40% . Standard blend from the Loch Lomond group.

Hankey Bannister, Original, 40%

Hunter’s Glen, 5 Year Old, 40%. A lightly smoked Lidl offering.

James Eadie’s Trade Mark X, 45.6%. A powerful peaty blend.

J&B Rare, 40%. Nice lightly smoked blend.

Johnnie Walker Black Label, 40%. Better blend.

Johnnie Walker Green Label, 43% A blended malt. Lovely.

Johnnie Walker, Red Label, 40%. Standard blend.

Johnnie Walker, Select Casks, Rye Finish, 46%

Johnnie Walker Spice Road, 40%. Even better blend.

Kilty Pleasure, Blend, 40%

Label 5, Classic Black, Blend, 40%. A Scottish blend big in Europe.

MacArthurs, 40%. Sweet lightly peated blend.

.McAllister Reserve, 40%, a decent own label blend in Australia.

Monkey Shoulder, Batch 27, 40%, a blend of malts

Old Parr, 12 Year Old, 43%. Lovely & rich.

Old St Andrews Scotch Whisky, 40%.

Queen Margot, Blend, 40%. A Lidl brand.

Queen Margot 5 Year Old, Blend, 40%

Scottish Leader 40%. Basic decent peated blend.

Scots Club, 40%. Surprisingly smooth budget blend.

Shackleton, Blended Malt, 40%. Disappointing.

Sir Edward’s Smoky, 40%. A cheap & cheerful French based brand.

Special Reserve, 40%, A Tesco brand blended by Richard Patterson.

Stewart’s Cream Of The Barley, 40% Malty & sweet.

Teachers Highland Cream, 40%

VAT 69, 40%

Whyte & MacKay, Blend, 40%

William Lawson’s, Blend, 40%

Premium Blends

Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt, Shackleton’s Journey, Blend, 47.3%

Single Grain

Cameron Brig, NAS, 40% Soft, sweet & smooth.

Uncle Duke’s, 40%. A BrewDog sourced release.

Independent Bottlers

AD Rattray

Bank Note, Blend, 43%

Cask Islay, Single Malt, 46%

Cambus 26 Year Old , Single Grain, 59.9%. Fabulous

Stronachie 10 Year Old, Single Malt, 43%

Stronachie 18 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%

Douglas Laing

Big Peat, Small Batch, Blend, 46%

Gordon & MacPhail

Speymalt Macallan, Single Malt, 43%

Lough Fyne

Blend, 40%

The Living Cask, Blended Malt, 43.6%. A solera style blended malt. Nice.


35.194 A Composition In Wood, 16 Year Old, Single Malt, 59.8%

Spencerfield Spirit Co

.Pig’s Nose, Blend, 40%

Sheep Dip 8 Year Old  Pure Malt, 40%. An early incarnation of the popular blended malt

Sheep Dip, Blend, 40%. Decent strong blended malt.

William Maxwell Co.

Shieldaig Single Malt, 40%

Wemyss Malts

Kiln Embers, Blended Malt, 46% Lovely peated hit.

Peat Chimney, 8 Year Old, Blended Malt 40%

Peat Chimney, 12 Year Old, Blended Malt, 40%

Spice King 12 Year Old, Blend, 40%

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Blended Whisky #3, 48.2%. A blend of unnamed sources. Lovely.

Blended Malt #2, 48%. A blended malt of unnamed sources.

The Islay Boys

Barelegs, Islay Single Malt, 46%. A lovely unnamed source bottling.

Flatnose, Blended Malt, 46%

Flatnose, Blended Scotch, 43%



10 Year Old Single Malt, 46%. A triple distilled Scotch.


Peated Single Malt, 46%

Red, Cabernet Franc Matured, 11 Year Old, Single Malt, 55.9%. Fruity peat.


10 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%



12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%


Highland Rye, 48%.  Stunning!


Legacy, Single Malt, 40%

Ben Nevis

10 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%

McDonald’s Traditional Single Malt, 46%. A lovely punchy peaty malt.


12 Year Old Single Malt, 40%. Not impressed.

Valour, Single Malt, 40%. Surprisingly tasty.


Discovery Highland Single Malt, 12 Year Old, 40%


10 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%. Lovely rich taste.


Cask Strength, Single Malt, 58%


18 Year Old Extremely Rare, Single Malt 43%

Lasanta, Single Malt, 46% A lovely heavily sherried dram.

Nectar D’Or, Single Malt, 46%. Very nice. Rich, full-bodied and smooth.

Original, Single Malt, 40%

Quinta Ruban, Single Malt, 46% Smooth port finished single malt.

The Lomond Group

Loch Lomond, Single Malt, 40%


14 Year Old, Single Malt, 43%. Soft, smooth, sweet & slightly smoky.

Old Pulteney

12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

15 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%

18 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%. Lovely.

Huddart, Single Malt, 46%. Softly smoky.


New make 1. A lovely fresh peated sample.

New make 2. A young port cask sample.


12 Year Old, Single Malt, 43%


Aurora, Single Malt, 46%

Northland, Single Malt, 46%



Robert Burns Single Malt, 43%



Glen Marnoch, Islay Single Malt, 40%. A decent budget Islay peat malt.


10 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%

Uigeadail, Single Malt, 54.2%


15 Year Old, Golden & Elegant, Single Malt, 43%. Travel Retail Exclusive, nice.

No. 1, Single Malt, 40%. Sweet soft peat.


12 Year Old Single Malt, 40%. Old bottling at lower strength.

Darach Ur, Single Malt, 42.8%


The Laddie Eight, Single Malt, 50%

Octomore 7.1, Single Malt, 59.5%. Fabulous

Octomore 10 Year Old 2nd Edition, Single Malt, 57.3%, Fabulous but sweet.

Port Charlotte, 10 Year Old, Second Edition, Single Malt, 50%

Port Charlotte CC OI, Single Malt, 57.8%, Great.

Finlaggan  a mystery malt sourced from an unnamed Islay distillery for The Vintage Malt Whisky Co.

Cask Strength, Single Malt, 58%

Eilean Mor, Single Malt, 46%

Old Reserve, Single Malt, 40%


Cask Strength, 58%.


16 Year Old, Single Malt, 43%


10 Year Old, Single Malt, 40% Growing on me each time I taste it.

Lore, Single Malt, 48%

Select, Single Malt, 40%. Softer smoother more refined peat.


Ben Bracken, Islay Single Malt, 40%. An enjoyable peat hit.


10 Year Old Origin, Single Malt, 40%. Sweet & peat.

Superstition, Single Malt, 43%



10 Year Old, Single Malt, 46.3%

12 Year Old, Vatted for Barrique, 40%


Highland Park 12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

Scapa, Skiren, Single Malt, 40%



10 Year Old, Single Malt, 45.8%. Bold peat. Nice!

57 North, Single Malt, 57%. Powerful peat.

Dark Storm, Single Malt, 45.8%. Peat & spice.

Skye, Single Malt, 45.8%. Smoother & sweeter than 10yo.

Gaelic Whisky

Te Bheag, Blend, 40% A lovely balanced blend



Three Wood, Single Malt, 43%. Nice dry finish.

12 Year Old, Single Malt,40%

Glasgow Distillery Co

1770,  2019 Release, Single Malt, 46%


Glenkinchie 12 Year Old, Single Malt, 43%


New make, Softly spicy & fresh.


Dream To Dram, Single Malt, 46%. Young & spirity.

Spirit Drink, 63.5%. Unaged raw whisky. Powerful & pleasing!

Lindores Abbey

Aqua Vitae, 40%. A lovely richly spiced new make drink.

New make, 70%. Powerful yet fresh!

Spey Region


Glen Marnoch, Speyside Single Malt, 40%. No!

Beinn Dubh

Flying Scotsman, Single Malt, 43%


15 Year Old, Dark Rum Wood Finish, Single Malt, 46%. Lovely rich rum finished malt.


12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%. Soft smooth & fruity.

Gold Reserve, 40%. Over sweet soft & bland. Not my style at all.


13 Year Old, Single Malt, 46%. Softly smoky.


12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%


12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

Special Old Reserve, Pure Malt, 40%


12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%

Captain’s Reserve, Single Malt, 40%

Founder’s Reserve, Single Malt, 40%

Glen Moray

Classic Single Malt, 40%


Double Cask, Single Malt, 40%


12 Year Old, Single Malt, 40%


Drambuie, 40%

Glayva, 35%


One thought on “Scottish Tasting List”

  1. I’ve Just had a dram of glenfiddich 15 solera reserve. Bought in France for €35.. Really good step up from the 12 and I found it mouth watering… Well Worth a look

    Liked by 1 person

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