Grappa Massagli, Lucca, 40%

While on holiday in Lucca I immersed myself into the world of Grappa.

One of the local Vino E Liquori shops did a Grappa with an image of Lucca’s iconic Piazza Anfiteatro on the label.

Safely ensconced in my accommodation a glass was poured.

Clear white spirit indicates a blanco grappa. This usually denotes unaged liquid – although it can be rested in steel vessels to smooth out any rough notes.

There’s a youthful freshness on the nose – but not overpowering.

A smooth & oily palate didn’t give much away.

Smidgen of dark fruitiness on the finish combined with a touch of prickly heat.

More of a novelty souvenir offering rather than a sipper.


Massagli shop website here.

Website for Piazza Anfiteatro here.


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