Kyasuku Cask Reserve, 40%, World Whisky

Japanese Whisky is in the news.

Primarily for the massive growth & increasing popularity experienced internationally.

Secondly for labelling.

Every dog on the street knows Japanese Whisky can contain whisky distilled in some other country.

This has never put me off.

I enjoy whisky – wherever it’s from – and look forward to tasting the results of Japanese blending & maturation.

Kyasuku Cask Reserve – available in yer local Aldi – is clearly labelled as ‘ World Whisky Matured & Blended In Japan’.

No issues there then!

It also says it’s finished in Mizunara Casks – which makes it very exciting!

I couldn’t wait to try it!

Reassuringly pale in colour.

Getting a sweet, intense floral bouquet with a touch of woody depth on the nose.

Very soft & smooth on the palate – much like many malts.

A gentle oaky spice – Mizunara is Japanese Oak – slowly grows along with a lip smacking juiciness on a luscious long lasting finish.

Kyasuku is a very engaging & highly entertaining blend packed full of fascinating & enticing flavours.

Top marks to Aldi for sourcing this easily affordable & eminently approachable slice of Japanese blending & maturation prowess.


All images authors own.

8 thoughts on “Kyasuku Cask Reserve, 40%, World Whisky”

  1. I enjoyed this… eventually. I got a lot of floral aroma from it, almost bordering on gin. For 30 euro you could do worse, but having recently sampled Nikka Days, Suntory Toki and Kaiyu Mizunara Oak, it doesn’t quite reach the same levels.

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  2. Slainte indeed. Just enjoying my first glass and it’s very nice to be honest. Lots of floral notes, no acetone blast like you often get with mass produced whiskies and a lovely bouquet of floral flavurs. I could get rat-arsed on this and wake up with no hangover, I think. So 10/10 from me 😀


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